Sneak Peek

Yesterday was a really exciting day! Started out bright and early with MLG (master landscaping guy) working out in the garden. We took down the two gigantic tomato plants, and then he got to work digging holes in my VERY HARD GROUND, and we put two trees in the ground and transplanted two other large plants. Oh, and we set my fairy garden up on this pot so its more visible. I got the fairy garden on my trip to Tahoe (which was a very nice time, I’ll write more later.)

Henry Lauder Walking Stick in its new location!

Henry Lauder Walking Stick in its new location!

Fairy Garden in the back of the garden

Fairy Garden in the back of the garden

Inside the fairy garden

Inside the fairy garden

Overhead view

Overhead view

Next, really before we got any of that done, the cabinet guys arrived!!! Wow, that was really quite a production. Somehow I hadn’t realized how much work they would have to do after they got here. Here’s just a sneak peak at part of the kitchen. I am in love with the wood of these cabinets, to say nothing of having ALL THE SPACE. I am excited beyond words. Oh! and that overhead lighting? I resisted that quite a bit, but now I am SOOOO happy with it. Nice and cheery and bright in the kitchen!


(A few of the drawers are missing, because they forgot the inserts, and took them back with them.)

In the meantime, J. the contractor worked on finishing the laundry room. We planned to use the leftover wood flooring, but found that there was not quite enough. So mid-day I took a quick trip to Sacramento to get another box. So much for saving money on that floor… but it does look nice.

And THEN, J. stayed late and brought in the washer and dryer and hooked them up! Guess who was washing a load of clothes at 8pm? What a novelty, to walk around the corner from my bedroom and plop the clothes into the washing machine!


Anyway, I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at what is finally happening in the kitchen. Floor might go in today, the countertops arrive Monday, Tuesday the new appliances will arrive, and I’m guessing that Wednesday, J. will do the backsplash. Its been a wild ride, but the end is finally in sight!

9 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. I am in love with your kitchen cabinets! And the ceiling lights were a great addition – it looks so light and cheery in there! So exciting to see it all come together!! I also love the floor in your laundry room (and your laundry room as well – how awesome to have one, right??).

  2. You will honestly not know what to do with yourself in that kitchen, but I bet you’ll catch on real quick! It is stunning (and that’s even with some of the drawers missing! LOL!)

  3. So very very exciting, I can’t stand it. Everything is looking great – and what I wouldn’t give for some lights like that in my kitchen!

  4. Yeah for the lights, I knew you would love them 🙂
    So happy for all the kitchen doings, you will love it when it’s done (and the agony of decisions will be over)!

  5. The kitchen is wonderful already, can’t wait to see it done. You must be so excited. And I love a good laundry room, mine unfortunately is a dungeon, but at least I have a nice big space.

    • I feel like the frog in boiling water. I’m just getting a little bit of new at a time, so I have to take a step back and remember what I used to have (and of course its not finished at all–bathtub is still the only running water in the house) Anyway, its still exciting!

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