The Most Disappointing Day

The big day had finally arrived! The day I was looking forward to almost more than any other day. The appliances would be delivered, and I was most of all excited about getting the new side by side refrigerator/freezer. With an ice maker and filtered water that would come out of the door!

The boys arrived with their delivery, and as I usually do, I tried to stay out of their way by working in my studio. When they said they were ready for me to transfer my food from my old refrigerator, I came around the corner to see my bright shiny new refrigerator. Oh, it was pretty! First I transferred the food from the refrigerator. Then I got to transferring the food from the freezer. What the what??? Because the unit was put in place against a wall, the freezer door would not open all the way. You all know how I love my batch cooking and baking and having my supply of individually portioned frozen foods at the ready. The freezer was the thing I was absolutely the most excited about. And I could hardly get into it. I said something to the delivery boys, and they nodded in sympathy and said, “yeah, that’s what happens when you put it against the wall,” like that was what a lot of people had to deal with. So I paid them and said good bye to my old refrigerator (which, by the way, there was basically nothing wrong with, which compounded my feeling of misery “what have I done?”)

I waited for J. the contractor to return from lunch, and sent a quick text to Shelley “I’m right to be upset, right?” And I told poor J. as he walked in the door “I am so unhappy.” 

Long story short, I called the local appliance store, where the owner reassured me, “come on in, we’ll make this right.” I did go in, and all that will fit in my space is a very plain freezer on bottom type. No fancy water in the door. He will install an ice maker in there, which, I’m not sure how much ice I need, since I usually keep one tray for about a month…

It all made me sad and sorry for myself. It just proves that I still have a small kitchen. Adding to that was that it wasn’t much of a change from my old fridge. Why was I spending this much money??

And then I did what I always do. “Think about those less fortunate than you.” “I don’t want to think about those people.” “How silly to be upset over a new freezer in a new kitchen. How spoiled are you?” All these thoughts and more swirled in my head.

I talked to J. about a different little issue in the bathroom. “I know,” he said. And he explained how he would fix it, and then said “and there’s no extra charge for that.” That made me laugh so hard. It started a crack in my pity party.

And then I did think about my friends in Haiti. How Pastor Gilbert LOVES ice cream. So the first time we went to Haiti, we bought some ice cream and brought it back and put it in his freezer. And how the next day, it was soup, because, yeah, they don’t have electricity all the time. And that’s just the way it is.

And then I thought about a line my pastor said on Sunday that had made me laugh at the time, and here it was–application for me. He was talking about how God had rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and when things got a little rough in the wilderness, they whined, “we should go back. They had better fish there.” It made me laugh Sunday, but it made me laugh even more at myself today.

I am thinking tonight about all the things I am so grateful for. Shelley has held my hand via text almost all the way through this. J. the contractor is always patient and kind and does beautiful work. MLG has helped in several of the moving heavy objects kind of things, and in fact is coming tomorrow to help set the very heavy sink.

Shelley says I have “short-timer’s syndrome,” and I think she’s right. I’m so tired of wandering around looking for stuff, and tired of having to go to the bathtub to wash my hands or brush my teeth. Tonight the little dogs had to wait half an hour for their dinner while I looked and looked for their dog food bowls. But you know, in the light of all that’s truly important in this world… no words necessary.



10 thoughts on “The Most Disappointing Day

    • I asked about that.I just have to turn a lever to turn it off and have the space, so I will get it for the times I need it–you know,for the big soirees that I throw 🙂

  1. I was so bummed for you that your new fridge didn’t work out! But I love that the appliance store man was so accommodating; that’s some nice customer service right there. I do think you will like having such a wide opening for the fridge…makes it really easy to put food in w/o having to cram everything just so. And I like my bottom freezer; bet you will, too. All in all, it seems like your renovation has gone pretty smoothly overall – but what happened today would throw anyone into a bit of a tizzy, truly. (And I’m always happy to help out, even if it’s just with sympathetic texts)

    You’ve got some good perspective on this whole inconvenient process – yes, other people have things rough, to be sure, but I’m glad you didn’t discount your feelings about the disappointment and frustration. Plus, the end is near (and I mean that in a good way, LOL)!

    • Yeah, you know, tonight when I was using this fridge, I realized that I will really rather have a fridge with the door opening the other way. Much more convenient. Silver linings and all that 🙂

  2. This happened to me once, but it was a new stove that got me down! I ordered this new shiny double oven range. And, I was sooooo excited about it! I couldn’t wait to get it. After waiting for two weeks for it to be delivered, it was delivered with a scratch on the front. I was so disappointed, but I had to remind myself that I still had a brand new range, which was something I had never had before, and something that a lot of people don’t get. It took me an hour or so, but I finally dealt with it. I hope that you enjoy your new fridge though! Sometimes, less frills is more!

  3. You are a better woman than I am! I would have thrown myself one heckuva pity party and probably stamped my foot a time or two! 🙂 Glad everything worked out though – I’ve always wanted a freezer on the bottom, let us know how you like it!

  4. We are disappointed when things don’t work out like we thought. I had a side by side with ice and water in the door and was glad when I got rid of it. Wide things did not fit and the ice bucket took up a lot of the room. We bought one with a bottom freezer and would not change back to a side by side or top freezer. It came with an ice maker but we took it out. We have had an ice maker in all our different refrigerators for over forty years and the defrost cycle affects the ice and it takes up room. These are my personal opinions. You have handled this very well. Congratulations on your new home.

  5. Jeez, Debby – that is a bummer! I would be upset as well. It’s not like you didn’t pay for this rehab to have it how you want.

    We had that with the electrical. I really wanted the outlets buried in the wall and poor John was so concerned about making me happy that he was making himself miserable. That wasn’t worth it for me and so we went with the outlets underneath the cabinets instead. I think he still feels bad, but I don’t mind at all now. It is perspective.

    However, a first-world problem is still allowed to be highly annoying and upset you.

  6. I would have been disappointed too Debby, sure there are worse things happening in the world but at that moment it was happening to you and you had every right to be sad. Glad that it could be solved in the end.

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