Apple Stuff

Today was fun. Full of good feelings. Totally made up for yesterday’s disappointment and discouragement.

I set off in the morning for Lowe’s in Sacramento (we have a Lowe’s locally but they don’t have as much as the store in the Big City.) Lowes is my home away from home now. I feel very comfortable in Lowes, and in fact, I can find a lot of stuff in there that their own employees can’t find 🙂 They should hire me.

Anyway, I had decided to change the tile for my shower (remember, I was being extra thrifty the day I shopped for bathroom tiles.) So I got those tiles and then headed up the hill to Apple Hill. I’ve been champing at the bit to go to Apple Hill. Its just a fun place to visit, its beautiful up there this time of year, and hello? Apple Pie!…

Got my fix of beautiful fall color!

Got my fix of beautiful fall color!

I had the idea to buy my favorite apple pies to give to some of the people who have really helped me a lot during this renovation. Also, I wanted to try an apple donut. Several of you talk about them, and I’ve never gotten one, if you can believe it. They look so plain… So that was my first stop. And you guys are right. SO yummy. It wasn’t really apple-y enough for me. I think I need to teach them how much apple you can actually add to a baked recipe.

Next stop was my favorite produce stand. They have apples plus.


What? Do you think that’s a lot of produce for one girl? It was such a bargain, I couldn’t resist! Those boxes  (tomatoes, little sweet potatoes, and Pink Lady apples) were only $1.99 each.

And then it was on to find my pies! I picked up the map of Apple Hill, and I noticed that the farm I wanted to get this pie from was not listed. Uh oh. So I drove a different way, and I stopped at one small farm to see what they had, and to ask if they knew if this other farm was still in business. Well, they didn’t know about the other farm, but THEY had the kind of pie I was looking for–Apple Blackberry Sourcream Pie. I tasted a sample, and that was it–just as good as the original. Got my pies and set off for home.

It was so fun to give a pie to Debbie, my “babysitter,” and to J. the contractor, and then to MLG, who very kindly came over at the end of a hard workday to help set the sink. I have another pie to give to Noah’s trainer, who volunteered to keep Noah an extra week (she actually said I was doing her a favor–he has a girlfriend there that he was keeping company.) SO FUN. You can tell that I still love good food, and sharing that good food with others is something I really enjoy.

BTW, the name of that pie might sound familiar, because I figured out how to make a lower calorie healthified version of it–my Apple Blackberry Sourcream Pie in a Bowl. Check it out. Its a really tasty treat.

And lastly, I have PJ to thank for this recipe. She changed up a recipe she had found on the internet, and I used her version and changed it up just a little bit. I had never made or eaten a baked apple in my life, if you can believe it. I made it before I went to Apple Hill, and honestly its as good as the apple pie I had today. Its Crockpot Baked Apples!


And that’s the way its going around here today. It looks like I might have a couple of real sinks by the end of tomorrow! I won’t know what to do with myself!


10 thoughts on “Apple Stuff

  1. Apple Hill! To think you were so close to me. For you to have enjoyed yourself the crowds must have died down considerably or you went in the middle of the week…? Love it up there like you. Just don’t go on a weekend has been my experience…. 🙂 We too had heard great things about the apple donuts and were very disappointed when we got one. Hmmm…maybe they pay someone to spread those rumor that they are delicious? LOL! So glad you had a great time. Hugs! deb

    PS. I did a post on Apple Hill a few posts ago if you want to take a look at my apple pie i made from apples i bought on Apple Hill. 🙂

    • How funny! For some reason I thought you lived in Southern California!

      Yes, I know all about Apple Hill and the weekends. One time, I was selling at a little fiber fair up there, and sent my sister to get a pie for us to take home. It took her an hour to drive 2 miles!! I always go in the middle of the week–its lovely. I did think that there were not nearly as many farms open as in the past (I’ve been going up there since I moved out here 28 years ago!)

      I did think the apple donut was delicious, just not that apple-y 🙂 I think Helen’s explanation makes sense.

      Off to check out your post!

  2. That sounds like a really fun day to make up for the previous disappointing day! Our local cider mill makes apple cider donuts which are so good. I don’t expect them to have a lot of apple though, just a hint of apple taste. I still haven’t had one as we never did our foliage run this year.

    I’ve always said Lowe’s is a much more woman-friendly store than Home Depot and I prefer to shop there only going to HD if I can’t find what I want at Lowe’s!

    • Most of the Lowes I go to need to instruct a lot of their employees to stop looking right through women while they have their man-chats with their friends. But I’ve found enough that are super helpful that I can navigate quite well now 🙂

  3. I loves the cider donuts. I don’t think you notice the apple taste as much unless you have had a ‘regular’ donut recently. It’s also the freshness.

    Yay for Pink Ladies! This is pretty much my favorite apple. Sometimes around here they are called Cripps’ Pink, which makes me think gangsta apples for some reason…

    • Yeah, I think I missed the “cider” part of the description. And YES!!! The freshness. My new favorite treat at Apple Hill.

      LOL at gangsta apples. I taste tested the Pink Ladies against the Fujis (they have a tasting stand there,) and I think I liked the Pink Ladies better!

  4. I made a trip this past Monday to my favorite local orchard (my overall favorite is in western North Carolina and requires a full day trip to go) and was thrilled with what they still had left. We didn’t visit an orchard at all last year (Bill had just begun his chemo treatments) so believe me, I have more than made up for it this year! Reading the comments got around to what I was going to say….I’ve never heard of just plain apple doughnuts. Always apple cider doughnuts. Best ones I ever had were at an orchard somewhere in Vermont, but the ones over in North Carolina are pretty tasty!

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