The Return of Civilization

Hip Hip Hooray!!! There is water in the house. There is a kitchen sink where I can wash a tomato without running outside.



There is a dishwasher. The blue bucket has been officially retired!



There is a bathroom sink. I can wash my hands without bending down to use the bathtub spout. And I can brush my teeth and wash my face just like the real people do!


I celebrated by having a simple but delicious dinner. Salmon burger with tomato and lettuce. And an apple from my trip to Apple Hill.



I washed the tomato and apple in the kitchen sink. ย And afterward I washed the pan and my dinner plate in the dishwasher.


9 thoughts on “The Return of Civilization

  1. Glad it’s all coming together ,it must have seen a long time ,the idea is always great but the upset you don’t think about till it to the work starts.just enjoy it all now.

  2. Something as simple as a sink sure can make your day! Love that giant kitchen sink and am green with envy over it. Also love catching glimpses of your tile, counters and backsplash – it’s coming together!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aaah the simple things in life… lol. I’m so happy for you Debby coming to the end of this long haul. You did it!!! And everything you’ve shown is just lovely. Hugs! deb

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