The Bathroom


Well, its even harder to get good pictures of a small bathroom than it was to get good pictures of the kitchen. But I wanted to share it with you because I think it is so pretty. I wanted a separate shower and bathtub, because all I’ve ever had was the small bathtub with a shower in it, and always had to use a shower curtain, which I was really tired of. Even with all the renovation, we still had a limited amount of space, since we were moving the laundry room inside the house. J. the contractor came up with the plan for this, with a separate “privacy” area for the toilet. I don’t really need the privacy area, but it sure is nice to take a bath without having to look at the toilet right next to the tub πŸ™‚


I really liked the color of pale coral-pink that we came up with for my bedroom, so I decided to use that for the bathroom. It looks a little brighter than the bedroom since it is gloss paint. At first, I was like, “Oh no, what have I done. Its very pink!” But now with the mostly white tiles and decor in there, I think it is just right.

I got a little thrifty when I went shopping for the bathroom tiles. The floor tiles are marble, but were only $2/SF at Lowe’s. They were one of the very first things I picked out, because they were pink. At first I was going to use them for the shower and tub surround. But then I asked if it would be okay to use them on the floor. That turned out to be a better use for them. J. came up with the idea to cut and polish them to make floorboard trim.

Wow, this next pictures shows a LOT of the decisions/choices that I had to make! I found the large tiles for the vanity countertop on sale for 70 cents each–ten of them was more than enough! The wave tiles were used for the backsplash. I found the framed mirror at Home Goods, and I came home and painted it myself! The framed picture is a giclee print by a local well-known watercolor artist. I really like it in the bathroom (originally bought it for the kitchen!) and that is where I got the idea for dark blue towels. The cabinet was made by the same cabinet maker that made the kitchen cabinets. I asked if he could do the bathroom in maple, and he very nicely did it for the same price as the knotty alder. He did the vanity as well as an over-the-toilet storage cabinet.



I bought enough of the “wave” tiles for an accent in the shower and around the tub, and then bought a lot of subway tiles that were on sale. At the last minute, I decided to go back to Lowe’s and get all “wave” tiles for the shower. I’m glad I did that. Thursday the VERY EXPENSIVE SHOWER DOOR was installed, and I got to take my first shower last night!


J. asked if I wanted a little built-in indentation in the shower for supplies, and I was very excited about that. I asked if he could do the same thing in the tub. So much nicer than having all my stuff balanced on the edge of the tub.


He also asked if I wanted a medicine cabinet. “No! I do not like medicine cabinets!” So he just said he would frame that in, just in case I ever decided I wanted one. Well, before all was said and done, I saw a simple one at Lowe’s and changed my mind. Very nice for keeping clutter off the counter.


My neighbor came over today with “housewarming” gifts. How thoughtful! Some blue stuff for the kitchen,


And some pink stuff for the bathroom (bath salts and soap.)


I love the bathroom, and do feel like a princess in it. I realize it wouldn’t work for most of you with husbands, but lucky for me, I do not have one of those πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “The Bathroom

  1. It is all just beautiful and I am so happy for you. Funny the comment about husbands. You’ve met mine and know how great he is and that I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world, BUT he happens to be out of town for a couple of days and I’ll have to say, I’m enjoying the quiet and most definitely enjoying the lack of clutter. Plus, it’s really easy to make up the bed!

    • I hope people don’t take offense at that comment. It was just said tongue in cheek–I had a couple of friends come over and they each oohed at the bathroom and then said”I couldn’t have that,of course.”

  2. The bathroom is so pretty! I just love it. Funny how everything evolved and moved around (tiles); it came out perfect. I’m really glad you ended up doing the wavy tile for the entire shower as it looks fabulous. Love those built-in shelves for the tub and shower, and that door is just beautiful. I know I told you this, but I never would have thought about doing the navy with the pink but it’s so perfect and now of course I’m trying to figure out how I could incorporate that color scheme into my house… πŸ™‚

    • Yes, thank you for that little nudge on the wave tiles! And yes, I was trying to figure out what color towels to get and as soon as I propped that print up in the bathroom, I knew!

  3. So pretty! Isn’t it amazing how our organized and polished homes can make us feel so good.
    Thanks for sharing you are an inspiration😊

  4. I love the boldness of the navy with the pink! The print ties it all together so well. You started out thinking similarly to me on medicine cabinets. When I re-did my bathroom some 15 years ago, I had the contractor remove mine and drywall over the space. Works for me because I have a double sink vanity, cabinets and drawers for storage all for myself..

    • Yeah, I guess I’ve mostly seen really bad medicine cabinets over the years. But this little one pleases me. Plus, its a nice way to hide all the stuff I usually leave out on the counter : )

  5. I think most rooms start with an inspiration something, right? Our kitchen started with the copper hardware LOL!

    I love the indentation for the shower and bath supplies. I hope to incorporate that. And marble floors – so luxurious!

    That vanity is beautiful, too. I love the wood.

    • Well, I don’t know how luxurious the floors are– at $2/SF at Lowe’s, they were some of the least expensive tiles I saw there–but I love that they are a subtle pink with some beige and tan and gray mottling in there. Plus, I love the natural variations. Although, some of the variations were a bit too much. I ended up having to exchange 4 boxes of extra-pink tiles to try to get some that were similar enough.

      I like nice wood too.

  6. That is a very pretty bathroom Debby. I totally see why you love it so much. I love it too.
    J. is really the guy with golden hands and ideas. I love his suggestions.

  7. As tiny as your bathroom is, you’ve managed to capture most of the things I love in a bathroom and what I would have if I could. Mr. Helen definitely wouldn’t go for the color but if I could have all that gorgeous tile and custom made stuff, I would defer the color to him! πŸ™‚

    What a great “find” J. has been for you.

  8. I would spend all of my time in that bathroom. ALL OF IT. It would be the perfect place to hide when I want to get away from my kids for awhile!! πŸ™‚

  9. I just found your blog through The Quilt Show and was wondering about the absence of photos? is there a bandwidth problem or do I need to look at some of my settings? Your’s is a blog I NEED…I’m just at the beginning (for the x number of times) of the journey (again) and before I even start, i have to get it through my skull that the maintenance is more important than the initial journey. Would love to travel along with you but miss the visuals.

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