Weekend Fun

Just in case you have NOTHING TO DO on this busy holiday weekend, or in case you are too tired to do anything else and need some (relatively) mindless entertainment, I thought I’d share a link to a jigsaw puzzle that The Quilt Show made out of one of my quilts. They let you choose the degree of difficulty you want to solve. I chose 100 pieces, non-rotating. It really was fun to do, and it was fun for me to see that quilt again–I had forgotten all about  it!

And if you’re too tired to do that, well, just do the Monk. Pull up a cozy blanket and hunker down.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I had my daughters two dogs over the weekend, and that’s all they wanted to do – one found my electric blanket and I had it on the lowest setting, and she laid on it for hours!

  2. I played it! The pieces needed to be rotated to win, which I did, after an embarrassing amount of time. I had to visit the “help” section to figure out how to work it, and I didn’t find the “help” section immediately. But, anyhow, it’s fun. I’m going to do another.

  3. I go with Mr. Monk! I’m tired of the working year and am really looking forward to next Thursday after which I have 2 weeks vacation. I need to recharge my battery for the new year.

    But the puzzle is very cool!

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