Thinking about Food

A few posts back I mentioned that I was slightly disturbed by HOW MUCH I think about food. Some of the commenters said that they also thought about food a lot, and recently, a couple of other bloggers have mentioned the same thing. One blogger’s therapist called it an eating disorder. That bothered me, so I started thinking about that.

And here’s what I came up with.

First, back to Dr. Sharma’s talks. When Dr. Sharma talked about obesity being a chronic disease, he pointed out that treating it (maintaining weight loss) requires abnormal behavior, just like a diabetic who sticks themselves to check their blood sugar each day–that is abnormal behavior. To maintain a large weight loss, most people have to track their food, make careful food choices, etc. That is abnormal behavior. But it is what is required to control this chronic disease. So right there, you can see how that would lead you to think more about food.

The second thing that came up was this. Several people that are about my age and height have said that 1400 calories seems to be the amount they can eat to maintain their weight loss. I know that’s true for me. That’s not normal either. I input a 60 year old, 5 foot 1 inch, 155 pound active woman into the USDA’s calculator. They said I could eat 2200 calories a day to maintain that weight. IN MY DREAMS. So us weight loss maintainers get to eat about two-thirds of what the “normal folk” eat on a regular basis. That said, if you make good choices, you can eat very well, and be very satisfied at 1400 calories. BUT IT REQUIRES YOU TO THINK ABOUT FOOD A LOT.

So that’s what I’m thinking about this morning.

P.S. If you are waiting for the code so you can watch my episode of The Quilt Show, I am too! The Quilt Show is having some technical difficulties. I will get the code to you as soon as I hear from them!

8 thoughts on “Thinking about Food

  1. Yeah, the calorie thing. I am having to accept the fact that I must lower my calories as I have been having scale creep. And that makes me so freaking annoyed that I can’t stand it. Especially when you hear all these people say “No one should ever eat below 2000 calories”. Maybe if I was 20 and naturally thin, yes. But not in my mid 40s with a formerly obese metabolism.

  2. On those calculators, I NEVER pick active – I always choose sedentary because I figure it helps account for my underactive thyroid, my midlife metabolism, and the fact that I work a desk job. I’ve found by choosing that it comes much closer to reality.

    Just the other day I saw an article about how it really IS NOT calories in/out. The type and quality of the calories matter, as does metabolism, lifestyle, age, and gender. In my dreams I win a trip to one of those ultra fancy labs where they figure all that out for me so I have actual numbers that work.

    In the meantime, I know that I dieted for several years and didn’t lose any significant amount of weight and I know that I haven’t dieted since this past May and haven’t gained any significant amount. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with that knowledge.

  3. 2200???? In my dreams, too!!!!! I have to stay real close to 1200-1300 to stay the same. I have been looking forward to seeing your quilts, and today looked at the website, and found I just loved so much of your work! I didn’t know about your website, so hopefully I can check it out again. I also am hoping to watch that quilt show, although not as computer literate as I could be. Will you also post instructions? Thanks so much!!

  4. I get frustrated with how much time I spend planning, shopping, prepping food which equals thinking about food. (The time spent eating doesn’t seem to frustrate me at all … lol) This is a helpful way to look at it Debby, it’s about treating a chronic disease. Still, I sure hope I get more efficient eventually. Or maybe (gasp) I’ll actually learn to enjoy cooking.
    Sorry I’m so late to comment, just catching up post-holiday chaos. Happy New Year! I leave Sunday for a quilt retreat … ahhhhhh.

  5. Quilt retreat!!! What a great way to start the new year! And just so you know, I am way more efficient at it than I used to be. But I still can get lax, and then I have to be disciplined and more diligent for a while (like now 🙂 )

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