Countdown to Christmas, Part 2

The bookshelf got decorated:


The top of my desk got decorated:


The top of Noah’s crate became the Santa display!


A few decorations found their way into the studio:


Even the kitchen got a few decorations:





8 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas, Part 2

  1. So fun to see all of your Christmas treasures, and I will admit to looking at the titles on your bookshelf as well…I see you want to be a farmer? Raising goats and chickens? Noah would have fun with a goat, and the Queen could boss those chickens around!

    • That is hilarious. I never thought of that. Did you notice that Santa was perched by Thin for Life LOL. Totally UNstaged. Oh, and I love the clock perched there. Its been there since the construction began and it lost its wall in the dining room. Now it has to wait until Christmas is over before it can be put back.

      • Oh, and the auspicious set of Dickens novels on the shelf below that will probably NEVER get read. I brought them back from my dad’s in hopes of pleasing him by actually reading some classics. sigh…

  2. Debby…..Thanks for sharing….I loved your reflection in the window where Mary, Joseph and Baby are. Loved the runner and your collection of books. Our tastes run along the same lines….books on farm animals and of course, the diet books. SMILE. Hugs and Merry Christmas to you Debby. mickie

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