A Blip.

Well, when last I wrote, I was climbing back on the diet bandwagon (removing sugar/ logging calories, upping exercise…) And then last week happened. I don’t know what really happened.

I could blame it on my mascara. My eyes are really sensitive, and so I always use Almay mascara (hypo-allergenic.) This time when I went to get a new tube, they didn’t have the same one I always buy. No biggie, its all Almay, right? Well, my eyes didn’t like the different mascara. And then they get itchy and sore, and I can’t stop rubbing them, and pretty soon, I just feel rotten.

I could blame it on a burst of creative energy. After taking an “artist’s holiday” during the holidays, I got right back into working with more ideas than ever. I’ve been finishing projects and starting new ones. I want to work on them all all the time.

So whatever it was, I didn’t want to go to the gym. I even got as far as getting dressed and going to town several days, and I still didn’t go to the gym. I usually came home and took a half-hearted walk with Noah.

And I wanted to eat MORE. So I ate more. More of my healthy food, and more of my not-so healthy choices.

When this happens, I can start to panic. Is this the beginning of the end??? Then I review all the years past. Times when I over-ate, or didn’t exercise for a week, or didn’t log my food. And I’m still here, plugging along. Its a concern, but its not reason to panic.

I just thought I’d keep it real, and let you know I have days and weeks like this.


11 thoughts on “A Blip.

  1. I had exactly the same week last week. I had such great plans to start exercising and eating healthy again. i did eat healthy but besides 1 workout on Monday I didn’t do much. But these days I always think … tomorrow is a new chance.

  2. I’ve been really struggling for a few months now. I wouldn’t be worried if I was maintaining, but I have put a few pounds back on – and I’m still at that point where I need to lose more. And yes, I do start to panic, as there is certainly history. So, guess we just have to take a deep breath and try to get back in to the healthy routines.

  3. Yep. Real. Frequently imperfect. Often mysterious. But always real. That’s honesty at its best. But it’s not our whole story. Just a blip on the horizon.

  4. I don’t know why some weeks are weird like that. The only two things I can pinpoint for myself when my eating gets off is stress or being tired. Of course, being able to pinpoint them doesn’t particularly mean I, you know, stop eating…but hey, it’s something? Blips happen, yes they do.

  5. Thank you. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, during which time I’ve joined WW, lost 10 lbs., gotten discouraged and gained it all back. I have been considering trying again. You just made me believe I can do it.

  6. Thanks for your candor which resonates with us all. I have maintained a 55 pound loss for well over a year but every single day is a challenge which is difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t been there. I panic when the scale shows I’ve put on a pound or two, but then I calm down and go back to what has worked before and I get back to my target in a day or so. The winter months are the hardest, for sure, when we’re bombarded by every media with the “need” to consume “comfort food”, which is invariably highly caloric. A prior blog post talked at length about how we can never go back to eating as we did prior to a weight loss, that what we ate to lose the weight is what we must eat to maintain the loss. That is absolutely one hundred percent right on.
    Thanks again for keeping it real!!

  7. Blips = life, right? I think you do a fine job managing life. I don’t know, sometimes I think as much as we say we want sameness – that sort of level line – in truth, life would be quite boring without the blips. Thanks for sharing though. I know it’s appreciated by all of us who have our own blips to see someone who is considered a success story admit it’s just not that level all the time.

    I am sorry about your mascara as far as your beautiful quilts and art go. That must be frustrating!

  8. Hi,

    I enjoyed your post. Thank you for being transparent. Same thing happens to me now and then as i would guess to a lot of us. This holiday break i kept reminding myself these binging episodes are part of the balance, don’t resist because soon you’ll be back in track. I call it seasons 🙂

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