And Speaking of Blips…

A nice new reader kindly informed me that she would like to read my archives, but she was wondering how to get the pictures to show up.


I made a big goof. I’m so sad about it. My “media storage” was getting full (well, I do put a lot of pictures on my blog.) About a year ago the same thing happened, and I simply deleted some of the first photos from my media storage. I thought that at the time I had checked, and the pictures still remained on the blog, they just weren’t in my media library. But that is not what happened. And this time I was quite gung-ho, and I deleted all the photos in my media library between February and November 2014. And sure enough, ALL of those pictures are gone from my blog posts! So I am very sorry if any of you are reading older posts and the pictures are missing. I hope to be able to re-build those posts, but that will take a lot of time. In the meantime, I figured out how to buy more storage for not much money, so I won’t have that problem again for a long time.

And so now I’ll share some more pictures from the week with you!

I found a small, but very sturdy round table at a local antique shop for my dining room! Its just the size I wanted. And, there was a set of 6 chairs to go with it! The table is really only big enough for four chairs, but it is nice to have extra chairs now, instead of scrambling when my sewing ladies come over.


The chairs are so delicate. I love their cane seats.

I really like the wood grain of the table. DSCN2470

And I like the foot of it too. Its sturdy, but more delicate than most of the tables I’ve seen like this.DSCN2472

Here is an idea I had last summer. I chose several of my best close-up photos of my flowers and had them enlarged to 8X10’s via Snapfish. One of my friends bought this neat frame for me for my birthday–we found it at Home Goods. I love how it looks.


Regarding my previous blip, I have gone back to the gym. One day I got in a good bicycling session and worked out on the weights, and today I did the bike and got in the pool! And sure enough, it did make me feel better about myself.  I’m back to logging my food and making good choices. I made some of Shelley’s granola, so I can have it with my greek yogurt, and yesterday I made my low-cal version of my favorite beef stew. Did you know you could “healthily” almost any recipe just by adding more vegetables to it, using lean cuts of meat, and decreasing the amount of fat you use? Well, don’t bother correcting me. I know that that is my version of healthifying something–decreasing the fat and calories in a dish. You can do it however you want. I just like to have a bigger volume of food to eat. Maybe someday I will change. Fat chance. Haha. I crack myself up.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Bess completely enjoying herself. She is giving Pixie a run for her money as the queen of relaxation. The little guys love that I’ve moved their doggie beds over next to the wood stove.



14 thoughts on “And Speaking of Blips…

  1. Ha, the little dogs make me smile. What I love about these photos you didn’t even mention. Your little quilts look wonderful hanging on those walls! Good work at getting back to the gym.

    • Well thank you. I want to do a little more quilting on them one of the,days. They are camouflage for a breaker box there on the wall.

  2. Sweet table! I love it! Extra chairs are so nice, too. You never think about them until you need them at that moment.

    I love that flower gallery, too! I am hoping for something similar on one of my walls.

    I get the volume thing. That’s one thing I love about the spiralizer is that it can take 3 oz of potato and make it seem huge! My eyes just like seeing bigger portions.

  3. I love that frame with all your flower pictures in it – that looks really good!! Very pretty – and how cool that YOU took the photos – I think that makes it that much better! 🙂
    Good job on getting back in your exercise groove!

  4. I just adore that table – and the foot is really pretty, too! The chairs – so beautiful. The charm of how the back is attached with the little curved pieces of wood? LOVE. Great find! 🙂

    I’m glad you printed out some of your floral pictures – I think most of us have our photographs only in digital form, which is so different from the days of yore, when if you took a good picture, you actually displayed it.

    Sad about your blog pictures. That was one hell of a blip!

    • Yeah. That it was the year I chronicled the construction on the house was what bothered me most. Maybe it’ll be fun to reconstruct it??

  5. Listen there’s a whole population of folks who like to eat more food – to the point there is an actual diet based on it, called Volumetrics. You are not alone.

    Sorry about your pictures. I learned that way myself. Again, you are not alone.

  6. Oh man, that will be a lot of work to re-build those images. So sorry that happened!
    I’m assuming you already know all about re-sizing images for the web; keeping the inches big enough to enjoy, but lowering the resolution so they don’t take up much file space… well, I thought I’d ask, just in case. 🙂 I only know cuz my art blog is image heavy, and I’d slow the loading to a snail crawl if I didn’t re-size, let alone use up my free Picassa storage.

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