Sweet Stuff


You’ve heard me talk about the Nutrition Action Healthletter before. Every month they have some very tasty looking recipes included, and last month the recipes were for desserts. Well, you know I kept that issue. This week the opportunity to try out a couple of the recipes came around. I am having a couple of ladies over (on two separate days!) and the recipe for Apple Almond Custard Cake sounded just right for dessert after a salad lunch. The recipe called for four apples, sliced thin (Lori, I was really wishing I had your spiralizer this morning,) and also included almond meal (and remember, I have that cashew meal in my cupboard.)


The second recipe on the same page was calling to me. And I remembered that I had bought some 80% chocolate in “the bins” at a Sprouts grocery. I was disappointed when I tasted it–too bitter for me, but I thought that using it to make these Chocolate, Fruit, and Nut clusters might be just the thing to sweeten it up a bit.


These are really tasty, and one is a nice sized dessert treat for 140 calories. Oh, and here’s a tip on substitutions–I made half the recipe with 4 1/2 ounces of chocolate, and then deduced that for half the recipe you can use 1 cup of nuts of your choice, and 1 1/2 cups of dried unsweetened fruit of your choice. I used walnuts, raisins, and apricots.

Well, how about that. Since these are not my recipes, I found a link to a PDF page from the magazine with both recipes included for you!


15 thoughts on “Sweet Stuff

  1. Those chocolate nut fruit thingys are making me want to climb through my computer screen to get one. Delicious looking! I’m not sure why I never think to make that sort of thing myself.

    • You know, usually I think something like this is not “big” enough. But with the intense chocolate, and just enough fruit and nuts, I have found them very satisfying.

    • Yes, surprisingly so. It was definitely more custardy. And I used Fuji apples, which are very sweet anyway. P.S. It was good for breakfast this morning too 🙂

  2. Yum both look delicious. I love the bitter chocolade and I don’t eat too much of it because of the bitterness. The sweet chocolate is harder to stop after one piece 🙂

  3. I’m playing catch up on blog reading. Wouldn’t you know I’d show up on dessert day? LOL

    That chocolate thingie looks scrumptious and I don’t even like apricots–dried or otherwise.

    • Well, that’s the good thing about it–you can use whatever dried fruit and nuts that you want. I would love to try it with dried cherries.

  4. The apple cake looks like it would be perfect for either the dinner bunch I cook dinner for once every 2 mths, or my quilting small group which requires a lunch from me a couple of times a year. Plus your idea of eating leftovers for breakfast is very appealing.

  5. Oh…your apple cake looks right up my alley…a perfect breakfast in my book or dessert anytime. The chocolate thing looks good too. You have always shared great recipes!

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