Crazy California

It seems almost rude to post flower pictures in the middle of the huge snowstorms my friends back east are having to endure. But maybe these pictures will provide a little pleasant diversion from all the white stuff outside your windows?

Even though I live in California, Southern California seems like a foreign land to me. I had a hard time packing warm weather clothes to go on this trip. But, I was very glad that I packed my flip flops “just in case.”

Marsha, our hostess for the retreat, is a wonderful gardener. I took some close-ups of some of her outstanding flowers.

I liked this one so much that I wrote to her and asked the name of it. “Tournament of Roses.”


The same rose two days later:


Maybe a Peace rose?


Decorative cabbage. I love these, but can’t keep them in the yard. I thought Sophie was going to explode one night after she tore into one.


I love the soft color of this rose:


And one more decorative cabbage.


An oriental poppy that was out in front of one of the restaurants.


And back home again, I found a few flowers in my own mostly dormant garden. Of course, violets are always the first to bloom.


I have several primroses that I nursed through the heat of the summer.


And crazy early, there are a few daffodils blooming.


Keep calm and carry on, girls. Spring IS coming!


11 thoughts on “Crazy California

  1. Hi Debby, I did not ever get the code to see your episode on the Quilt Show. Did you post it?
    Would love to see you on that show! Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, believe it or not, they are still working on that. I should have the code within the next month, and believe me, I will be posting it everywhere 🙂

  2. Gee, and I thought we were having an early spring up here in BC. My snowdrops have been blooming since the beginning of January, crocuses just about to pop. But those roses are really something!

  3. You can’t beat California flowers and gardens, both northern and southern. That is a gorgeous shot of the Tournament of Roses rose!

    Oh, and I shouldn’t laugh, but having been through “dachshund gut” with our Jackie, picturing poor Sophie in misery after eating decorative cabbage just cracks me up. I do believe they know regret, although they never remember how awful they feel before their gastronomic feasts.

  4. You can’t make me upset by posting a photo of a pink rose! Thank you. I actually saved that image and I’m putting on my work computer as my wallpaper so while the snow is falling down around me creating havoc, I can look at that gorgeous thing.

  5. Debby, what beautiful photos. Do mind me asking what type of camera you have. I cannot not get those types of photos with my little camera, I need to get something else. Loved your last post before this. As soon I as I saw the beach cottage I knew what it was. Beaches is one of my favorite movies also. I enjoy your blog, fun to read, love the pups too.

    • Well, normally I take pictures with my Nikon Coolpix L820. But all the vacation photos were taken with my iPhone! If you hold it real still, it takes great pictures.

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