Over the Weekend

Thursday: I made some great chili. Its my favorite chili ever, I think. Because it was not too spicy hot, and it had a good meat to bean ratio, and because the meat was not ground beef, I think. It was the chili Marsha made for us when we were down in Anaheim at the rug retreat. I ran it through the calorie calculator, and it came out pretty low, depending on how many servings you divide it into. I ended up making it 6 servings, and it was about 200 calories. Here’s the recipe.



Friday: Hey, isn’t the internet a fantastic thing? Mr. Monk’s vet had quit his practice here in Pine Grove. I needed his meds renewed, and I also needed to have a vet see him, and I was just dreading going to new vet and trying to explain about Mr. Monk’s problems. It finally occurred to me that I could find his old vet on the internet, because I knew the city he had moved to. I typed in: dr johnson veterinarian placerville, just like that. I know. Dr. Johnson. But what do you know, he popped up on the first try! It was totally worth it to drive an hour to see a doctor that knew me and knew Mr. Monk. And, I got some good advice on what vet to try in my town! I have to admit, I was very relieved with the positive outcome of that visit, and I did do a little celebratory eating. And yarn buying 🙂

Saturday: A good day to stay in the house and enjoy the coziness. Before the rain started, however, I brought in a ton of firewood, and pruned two big bushes. Yay for functional exercise. Because I sure didn’t get much other exercise.


We finally got our much needed rain here in Northern California. Tonight as I was pushing the little dogs out the front door in the pouring rain, something small and black ran INTO the mudroom. What? Was it even too much rain for you, little frog?


So today, Sunday, I had a kind of weird eating day. I think maybe it happened because I got a little too hungry. I just didn’t want to eat much of my regular choices. And I had too many dessert/snack type foods. I ended the day by remembering to do my PT exercises. Oh well. Its all in a lifetime.

Sophie was perched on her favorite pillow on her favorite chair tonight. It just cracked me up for some reason–“American Gothic Dachshund.”



14 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. I consistently eat different on the weekends when i am at home. Work is such a routine and I just eat what I bring. But at home I often only eat two meals during the day and I may or may not have a snack instead of that third meal.

    Did you know there are people who don’t believe that chili is chili if it has ground meat? I like both kinds.

    • I think I did know that. I just had never eaten it, except maybe from a can 🙂 Not being a bean lover, I really liked how much meat was in this recipe.

  2. Mr. Sassy Pear makes his chili with ground beef AND bits of steak pieces in it. It is really yummy and feels a little more gourmet that way. At least it does to me. 🙂

  3. I eat way different on weekends, and like you, have decided that this is what it is…although I love your “all in a lifetime” line. I’m just glad that come Monday morning, my brain goes back to the standard eating setting.

    Love the Oreo shot with the three dogs…of course Sophie is in the middle. The Queen must be warmed on both sides by her minions!

    • Yes, that’s just the way she likes it! She can’t always get them to cooperate.

      You know, that’s kind of what was irritating about my Sunday eating. I actually have a standard eating pattern that is a bit of a change and that I enjoy on Sunday. I tried to change that up, and it backfired on me!

  4. Love the sweet photos of the doggies. Thanks for the photo of the chili… It made me salivate….ha ha .that will be dinner at my house today as it is COLD here in Maryland. mickie would love to see a photo of the WHOLE quilt that Sophie is snuggled up in.

  5. I like beanless chili! 😀

    I eat mostly the same during the week as I do on the weekend because I work at home and nothing is that different, really. And I am eating too much food in the snowy winter.
    My life is kind of boring

  6. May we have the recipe for the chili? Usually I just put some things that I think are in chili in the pot so it would be great to have a recipe with an approx. calorie count. Thanks.

  7. I love your doggies! A good vet is important to me too. We took our first dog to a vet in the next village because the one in my own town had a very bad reputation. Eventually he sold his practice to my vet who now has a dependence in my own town so I go there.

    I love chili and don’t think it necessary needs ground beef although I always use it. I’m not really the vegetarian type.

  8. “Its all in a lifetime.” Amen! I wish I could have figured that out for myself sooner in life. I could have saved myself from endless cycles of the blame game. 🙂

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