Storage and Garden Report

First of all, I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for all the nice comments on my last blog about Mr. Monk. You all knew him better than most of my friends! All of us are doing fine. Especially Queen Sophie. After she got over her worry that she might be the next to be “banished” from the kingdom, she has taken back her “rightful place” on the chair next to me in the evenings.

And, I also wanted to thank so many of you for your interesting and informative comments on the previous blog about my knee. Since I wrote that, my first ortho doc got back in touch with me. He had been battling the insurance company all this time (over their refusal to approve the Orthovisc injections), and now advised me to file a complaint with the State Department of Managed Health Care. I completed that today. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

In the meantime, how about a report on some everyday life stuff 🙂

Last week J. the contractor came back to finish the little pantry and add shelves to the laundry room. Squeee!!! MORE STORAGE SPACE. I hardly know what to do with it all.

Here’s the pantry. That’s all I’ve put in it so far. I have those two big corner cupboards with lazy susans in them in the kitchen. I’m not sure what to put there, and what to put in the pantry. If anyone has ideas or opinions, feel free to share.


And here’s the laundry room shelves. Plenty of extra storage up there for I don’t know what!


I also had J. put this little hanging cupboard in the mudroom. It used to be in my bathroom. I still liked it so finally decided that this would be the place for it.


I tell you, for someone whose ONLY storage space for many years was a big closet in her bedroom, I feel like I’ve hit the storage jackpot!

And here is a view of the garden. Still pretty bare, but things are sprouting. There are little buds on all the trees. Its fun to go out there and scope things out every day. I have to be careful to not get carried away with planting, because there’s still a real possibility that we will get some frost, up until May.


The camellia bush is chock full of buds. The Pink Flower Thief is keeping a close eye on it….



9 thoughts on “Storage and Garden Report

  1. Hmmmm. I buy very few things in bulk or large containers but the few I do would go in the pantry, non-perishable beverages are notable. Aluminum cans for $$ recycling. Also, all my pet food and pet health items. Appliances that are not for weekly use, I see you’ve done that. Pots and pans and dishes that are infrequently used can be moved to let you spread out the stuff you do use in the more convenient kitchen cabinets. What about kitchen linens? Oh, and I have vases on the top shelf.

  2. I would put some things like rolls of paper towels, napkins etc. in that pantry. Also any pans/dishes/appliances that you use but not often enough to keep out. I would rather have empty storage shelves than not enough any day!

    Very surreal to see flowers. I am pretty sure we are going to miss crocus season around here altogether.

  3. I like to put over-sized bags of nuts and baking stuff in my pantry, along with oatmeal and mixes, and throw away pans I use when gifting food items or participating in a pot luck dinner. I draw from those big bags to fill smaller containers I keep in my kitchen cupboard Buying in bulk is so much cheaper, but I have no room for those giant bags in among my regular cupboard items.

    I’m jealous that you have flowers growing already. All we have is snow, ice, and sub-zero temps in NEPA.

  4. My first thought on your pantry was “it’ll fill up soon enough!” 🙂

    What are all those green and pink and yellow things in your yard??? I don’t even remember what flowers look like anymore, it’s been such a long gray winter!! 🙂

  5. All good ideas for the pantry shelves – I prefer to have things like the mixer stowed away when I’m not using it, rather than clutter up my kitchen countertops. And thinking to what I have on my garage shelves – yes, paper towels, large pans, and my crock pot…I’d keep all of that inside if I had room.

    Your garden looks so beautiful already! The tiered beds look so good – you and J have done a great job with turning your yard into such a pretty area.

  6. I keep most appliances that I don’t use regularly in the cabinets. I like a more empty counter. We also have a recycle bin in storage too, so that we don’t have to go outside everyday with the recyclables and don’t have to see them. I do miss the pantry we built in our old house, but we have a lot of kitchen cabinets, so plenty of storage.

    I love that you have flowers. It ‘s gonna be a looooong time before we even see the ground around here.

  7. Wow your garden is already blooming so much, love it.

    My kitchen cabinets and the pantry in the hall are full 🙂 So my rule is if I want to buy something new, something old has to go. I’m sure your pantry will be filled soon enough, once you have the space, you use it.

  8. I don’t really have anything to add to the storage ideas. I have a shelf in the laundry room for most of my small appliances and another shelf holds all of my food stuffs and such. I try not to buy in bulk, but I also live a 5-minute drive from the grocery store and pharmacy. 🙂

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