Its Definitely Spring

Last weekend I was in the Bay Area visiting my mom. The sky and the green hills were particularly beautiful that day. You can see “Niles” painted on the side of the hill. That has been there since I was a little kid! My mom said they periodically go up and whitewash it.


And just turning in a different direction:


Then this weekend in my garden:


the flowering almond is doing very well this year:


This plant just says “Springtime!” to me.


Some new hyacinths that are an unusual color. And Noah didn’t knock them down either 🙂


Icelandic Poppy. I am going to get more of these next year. I think they are one of the plants that does best if you plant it in the fall.


A pretty color combo.


This camellia is one of the first plants I ever planted here (28 years ago!) It has never done well in its current location, and MLG and I were planning to move it, and then this year it decided to put on a big show!


Chinese Fringe Bush. This plant almost gave up when I had it in a container, but now after being in the ground for a couple of years, it is doing extremely well. It blooms through several seasons, and I have seen it used in commercial landscaping, so I think it is a pretty easy keeper. I think the flowers are very different and pretty.




The tulips came back!


And plenty of daffodils and narcissus.


I’m including this picture for my gardening/landscaping friends. It doesn’t look like much now, but I am most excited about this. One day a couple weeks ago, I just got it into my head to put all the rest of my Japanese maples into the ground. And the very next time MLG came around, he dug four giant holes in this hard rocky ground, and got those big trees out of their giant pots, and put them in the ground for me. I’m hoping they will be much happier there, and will give me a better show next fall.


Yep, spring has arrived in Northern California!

11 thoughts on “Its Definitely Spring

  1. Debby,
    I am in love with your Icelandic Poppy and it’s picture! May I have your permission to use it as inspiration for an art quilt? If you prefer not, I won’t. And if you don’t post this comment that,s ok too.

    • Yes, of course you can use it! After all, I am not the original Artist who created the poppy 🙂 I’d love to see what you come up with.

  2. Yay for the Japanese Maples!! They’ll be so happy there! 🙂

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures on this dreary gray morning here. I’m a wee bit cranky about the time change, and this post cheered me up a bit! 🙂

  3. What wonderful spring pictures. We’re still under snow here in Toronto, Canada so It’s a treat to see all that colour. Makes me impatient for gardening season.

  4. Goodness it’s not spring here yet, it’s so refreshing to see all those flowers! I treated myself to a mini daffodil bouquet and a little potted primrose to bring me joy over the weekend. I’m interested in the Chinese Fringebush, but my place is almost completely shade.

  5. Thank you for all those gorgeous photos! It gives me hope that spring will eventually creep eastward! You always make me wish I had room for more flowers.

  6. Beautiful pictures – your yard is so inviting! We are underwater here – heavy rains all night and day mean that my backyard is floating away. Nice to see spring happening somewhere – it’s not here, yet.

  7. HI Debby~

    Everything looks so gorgeous…. Your not gonna believe this but i drove by that same Niles sign today! LOL! What a coinkydink… We went over to Palo Alto to sign hubby’s retirement papers and i remember seeing it up on the hillside. 🙂

    That Chinese Fringe Flower is also known as a Lorapetulum . They like partial shade at least..especially from the hot afternoon sun.

    And the Japanese Maples will enjoy the shade….. I cannot wait to dive into gardening in Arkansas when we get there… Hugs! deb

  8. It definitely is Spring! We have had the most beautiful Spring weekend but there isn’t much blooming here yet. But it will soon.

    Those mountains are so so beautiful.

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