Scenes From the Garden

Every day there is something new to discover in the garden. Isn’t that one of the most fun things about gardening–exploring to see what is coming up, what made it from last year, new volunteers, Oh, what is that little plant?!

The first sighting of my "New York Lily of the Valley!"

The first sighting of my “New York Lily of the Valley!”

This has been the best spring I can remember. I still hold my breath a little, because we used to get freezing temps in April and May. I haven’t allowed myself to buy any frost-tender plants yet. But it looks like its just going to continue on being spring.

The tulips have enjoyed this unusual weather. Best tulip year ever!

The tulips have enjoyed this unusual weather. Best tulip year ever!

New buds on the trees–anticipation!




More frequent trips to the nursery!

A new variety of coral bells.

A new variety of coral bells.

I tried to get a nice picture of Noah after his bath. He insists on patrolling the yard when I am out there. When I am not outside, he sleeps 24/7.





And he finally stopped. Not in the most picturesque place….


And our latest big project! We needed to get this last Japanese maple in the ground. Last year it did not do well in the heat.


MLG had the idea to cut the bottom off of the pot–it looks like the pot’s buried, but its just the rim. I think its a very cool effect! Plus, this gave me a place to plant MORE GROUNDCOVERS 🙂 I love ground cover. Here I planted lemon thyme, armeria (new to me,) and in the shade some of my beloved corsican mint.


Take time to enjoy the springtime. And for my friends in the cold east, my best wishes that you will soon have your own spring to enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Scenes From the Garden

  1. Noah looks so handsome! Why is your corsican mint beloved? I keyed in on the “shade” word since that is pretty much all I have. The ground cover that works the best for me is sweet woodruff. Alas, nothing is up here yet

    • Oh, sweet woodruff!! I love that too. Unfortunately, Noah also enjoys it…. I just love the way corsican mint looks–its like baby’s tears, only more compact, plus it has THE BEST minty smell when you run your hands over it. I have never been wildly successful with it, so I end up buying it multiple times. I think it likes a bit of sun, like morning sun.

  2. Oh how funny, we buried pots (smaller, so we did the entire pot) last week – TREND ALERT!!! 🙂

    I never realized that Noah’s ears were so dark-tipped until I saw the very last picture. Such a big fluffy handsome boy!

    Your yard is just beautiful, and I love how much you enjoy it. 🙂

    • Oh how funny about the pots!

      You made me go out and look at Noah! I hadn’t actually noticed that myself. I think they’ve gotten darker as he’s gotten older.

      I do try to walk out and just enjoy the yard. I have gardener friends who only seem to continually work in their yards and never seem to “stop and smell the roses.” Which reminds me. I hope those cheap grocery store roses I bought will actually start to grow 🙂

  3. All those shots of Noah . He says “inspection complete. All is well”.

    One of my very favorite things is to go out and inspect what is new in the garden. It’s always a delight to see something pop up, especially if it is a volunteer and you don’t know what it is at first.

    I should just send you my entire NY garden and then maybe I will see some blooms.

    • That made me laugh (sending me your garden.) Don’t give up hope, Lori. You will have your spring, and it will probably be when I am despairing over my long hot dry summer 🙂

  4. What a lovely photo’s of Noah, he’s beautiful.

    I can’t believe how much is already blooming in your garden, it’s beautiful. Even though Spring is here too there isn’t much blooming yet.

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