New Blooms!

Just a short post to share the newest blooms in the yard.

First blooms on my flowering cherry! The tree is full of buds. I’ll share a full picture next week.


The lilac is doing well. It got a bit rangy, so the recommendation was to prune one half at a time, as lilacs don’t really like being pruned that much and might not bloom if you are too harsh. I pruned quite a bit last year, but left the highest branches alone. The reward? A big bloom WAY UP HIGH! This is well above the roofline. So I will prune those high branches after its done blooming this year, hoping to get some blooms down to the level where I can see and smell them!


And the New York lily of the valley! In case anyone missed it, I call these “New York lily of the valley” because my blog friend Lori sent them to me. It makes them extra special.


Have a great weekend. Hoping for some springtime weather for EVERYONE!!


9 thoughts on “New Blooms!

  1. Wow, that cherry IS beeyooteeful! I can almost smell the lilac and lily-of-the-valley. One of my only signs of spring is that the male goldfinches are starting to turn their summer bright yellow.

    • Yes, this one is from the first one you sent. I think the second batch might still bloom. I’m keeping a close eye on it!

  2. I can verify that if you over prune a lilac they won’t come back. When Mr. Helen and i were first married we lived in a rented home. Down one whole side of the yard were beautiful lilac and I always looked forward to them blooming. The older, crotchety lady on the other side kept telling us to cut them back, but we explained they weren’t ours and that was up to the landlord. One day I got home from work and as I opened my back door, I gasped because she had cut them all the way down to about 3 feet high!! Sadly, even though they grew, they never bloomed after that and we lived there for another 4 years.

  3. Oh looking at the beautiful photos I can’t wait till everything starts blooming here. I want a lilac in my garden, it attracts butterflies which I love and it smeels so good.

  4. You have such a beautiful garden! We’re not too far behind you up here in the Gulf Islands, but then again we are way ahead of the rest of Canada. It is so exciting to see all the plants pushing their noses up out of the ground.

  5. I absolutely love your blog. Keep up the beautiful pictures, the quilting, and the great encouragement on weight loss and management!!!

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