Good Things

I was doing a few things in the kitchen the other day and I thought “these are such good ideas. I should share them.” You are the lucky recipients 🙂

A long time ago, my BF got me a special gift. It was a beautiful little kit that included a jar of “foot cream.” I used to have heels that would get those horrible cracks in them, and so I have learned to take care of my feet! But I never would have indulged in such a luxurious present. Anyway, I loved this foot cream so much that I might have actually paid retail to get another jar of it. Alas, the company went out of business. But I kept the jar. One day, at Le Wal Mart, I found a cream that fit my specifications. Mainly that it did not have too much smelly stuff in it. This is a great product, IMO. The huge jar of it is less than $5. And I just put some of it in my pretty jar to keep at my bedside. It makes me very happy 🙂


Another thing I have not grown tired of is my peppermint tea. Trader Joe’s has the most reasonable price, but you can find it in any grocery store. And I am picturing this particular travel mug because I have had issues with travel mugs for a long time. Either they retain unwanted odors, or they are difficult or unpleasant to drink out of. I found this one at Joann’s (yes, the fabric store.) It works perfectly.


And last of all, the re-emergence of celery in my diet! I haven’t had it for YEARS. Because its okay plain, but its better with peanut butter or flavored cream cheese on it. And that’s just too many wasted calories for me. So one day, in the produce section, I see bags of celery for 58 cents! Well, I couldn’t resist that! And then came the brainstorm. If I mix one wedge of Laughing Cow Lite with just a tablespoon or so of mashed strawberries or crushed pineapple (in its own juice, of course,) I would have something similar to that delicious flavored cream cheese. For less than 50 calories, this is a Very Worthy Snack! I told my friend that if you close your eyes and use your imagination, it could almost pass for a dessert 🙂


Okay, this next is not A Good Thing, but I thought it might amuse some of my cold weather friends. We had a storm come through on Tuesday, and it hailed for several hours. It looked just like it had snowed. My poor little plants. It didn’t freeze, so I think they will recover 🙂


Hope your weekend is full of Good Things!

20 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Ohmigost Debby, I am so glad your plants still have leaves!
    You’ve given me an idea for what to do with celery that is left over after a recipe. Yay.

  2. Thanks for a fun post Debbie, I’ll definitely be trying your celery idea. We’ve a kitchen reno starting in 3 days so my kitchen is almost closed for business but that’s one thing I’ll be able to do without cooking.

    • Oh boy! I know what that kitchen reno is like! And yes, I do wish I’d had this celery trick for when my kitchen was being re-done.

  3. I was really surprised at the photo of your lovely garden. You were fortunate that the hail didn’t decimate the leaves on your plants. Even with the hail on the ground, your garden has such lovely bones. Loved the idea of transferring your body cream to a fancier container. Keep sharing. mickie

    • Thank you Mickie. I will pass on your compliment about the “lovely bones” to MLG. That will please him, I am sure.

  4. I’ve never had a hail storm go on for that long – how crazy! It does look like a winter wonderland – glad your plants survived!

    Love a good things post. I’m going to try that celery treat! 🙂

  5. Hail is the weather that makes me the most nervous as a gardener.

    If you ever get to Boulder, CO – you need to take the tour of the Celestial Seasonings plant. They take you to the peppermint room which is full of bags upon bags of peppermint. They have to keep the room isolated because it will contaminate all the other herbs. When you walk in there, your sinuses will clear open and your eyes will water! Strong stuff.

    • I think maybe this was soft hail.

      Oh, that sounds like a super fun tour, apart from the peppermint room! Its funny that I like this tea, because I don’t really want to have peppermint plants. I have a chocolate peppermint and an apple mint so far.

  6. You make me laugh! I am sorry about your pretty garden having to deal with that crap though.

    Have you seen the sauteed celery recipe going around Facebook? One of my friends posted it and people were just hating. I finally commented and said the problem with celery is that it needs a filling or a dip, something creamy and delicious. Because plain celery, why? You might have come up with the perfect answer here.

    Also, FYI Queen Helene cocoa butter has been known as a fantastic product and used by people of color for YEARS. In fact, used to be the only place you could find it was the ethnic aisle!

    • Good! I wanted to give you a good laugh.

      I haven’t seen the sautéed celery recipe. But I have to say that the smell of cooked celery is one that I hate. I think its in Thanksgiving stuffing, which I also hate. Maybe I should post my “recipe” on FB and it will go viral? 🙂

      Oh, thank you for the info on Queen Helene. I suspected that, but wasn’t sure I was being politically incorrect or something. Anyway, it is a wonderful product!

  7. I have tried and tried but I just cannot fall in love or even like with celery. It’s stringy and tough and I feel like a panda munching on bamboo whenever I try to eat it.

    I would, however, totally eat Laughing Cow with strawberries though!! 🙂

  8. Queen Helene rules….Cuter jar does too. At our women’s retreat we had ants on a log for snacks..I like celery with peanut butter / raisins and also with flavored cream cheese.

  9. I’m not a fan of plain celery. I use it sometimes in salads or I cook with it but I never eat it plain, not even with a dip.

    That really does look like snow after the storm.

  10. I love celery! I eat it in place of tortilla chips when I’m having one of my Mexican-inspired entrees. Dip it in a little salsa and CRUNCH! I also like it “filled” with a little cottage cheese/pineapple mix.

    I can’t believe it hailed for so long! Our hail storms are usually intense and over in a flash.

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