Garden Report

Its been a busy few days in the garden. MLG finished the wood border for the Japanese maples on Thursday.


So of course, I needed to go to the nursery and get a few ground covers.


You all know how I love my ground covers, right? And since doing all these improvements in the garden, so that the ground covers are actually planted in the GROUND, I have had much more success with them. I was thrilled to have a whole new area that would benefit from ground plantings. I spent most of Friday working in the garden, planting and doing other chores.

Here’s a couple of shots of all my little plantings:



While checking out the ground covers, I found a display of sedums and other succulents. I haven’t had much luck with them, but decided to give them one more try. I had this pot (remember, the one that MLG sawed the top off of,) and thought it would be perfect for a grouping. I sanded the edge, and then moved it out next to the steps to my studio. This is outside the fence, so I am hoping that the deer do not find sedums desirable.


Elsewhere I have had success for the first time with snapdragons. They are another one of those plants that benefit from being planted in the fall. I finally tried that.


And while I was at the nursery, I spotted a new intriguing plant. Its called a “ground orchid,” and is supposed to be extremely cold hardy! I love the way the stems sway in the breeze.


A close-up:


And so far, this year, neither Noah or the Pink Flower Thief have found this delightful patch of pansies appetizing. Too much of a good thing maybe?


I have been able to work so much longer in the yard than I have in a long time. I am thrilled with how good my knee feels right now. Who knew that increased energy would be a side benefit of pain relief?

10 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. [waving hand wildly in air like a first grader] I did! I did! I knew increased energy is a benefit of pain relief! Sooooo glad you are feeling better.

    Your garden is looking so lovely! All I have so far are daffodils and crocus. Not complaining, it’s just always startling to see the comparison. Snapdragon and foxglove and pansies, oh my! The new orchid looks fun too.

    • I thought as a nurse I should know this. I knew chronic pain was depressing, but I didn’t know about how it affected your energy level. I just thought it was because I was “old.”

  2. Chronic pain is really exhausting and I don’t think you notice how much until it is gone.

    It looks like your succulents are a little fairy garden!

    Don’t hate me, but I don’t like ground covers and I have to rip out a bunch in my front and back beds. I suppose I could send you some of those as well LOL!

    • LOL, I don’t hate you. Its just like food. There’s so many different plants to love, and we can’t love them all, right?

  3. That wood border came out so nice! What a beautiful way to set off the Japanese maples, and the ground cover – do I spy lobelia? I loved that when we lived in CA. I’m also loving your succulent pot. I keep saying I’m going to do something like that for inside the house, like a small tabletop garden. I just hope dumb old Kip won’t eat it.

    Your garden is looking gorgeous. And I’m so happy for your newfound energy!!!

  4. I knew about that pain/energy connection and I’m really glad to hear that knee of yours is feeling better!

    The border is gorgeous – I know you have to be absolutely thrilled You know, I don’t have much of a yard but with the little bit I have and my patio pots, I love to get out there and putter around. I totally get the peaceful feeling from working your land. And I’m sure that contributes to “good” energy!

  5. I’m so glad you are seeing/feeling some progress with your knee! Reading your story and those of others with similar experiences makes me appreciate my walks just that much more.

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