A Dog With a Problem

I only buy one type of nylabone for my dogs. Because that is the only type they like. And I am a good doggie mom. Nylabones never wear out, but it seems they eventually lose their charm. So I buy more. Recently I bought three new nylabones (three doggies.) Although, Bess only occasionally gets into chewing on them, and Sophie only grabs one when I am doing my exercises. She gets nervous when she can’t control something, and apparently my being down on the ground making strange shapes falls into that category. Noah still enjoys his bones every day.


ANYWAY, sometime in his adult life, Noah developed the bad habit of burying his bones. Even though I try to keep watch, he immediately snuck outside with two of the bones and buried them. If he would dig them up and use them again, I wouldn’t get irritated. But apparently he forgets where they are.


So I put the last one up, and only gave it to him after I closed the doggie door. This displeased him greatly. He wandered from door to door in the house, hoping for a magical exit to open up.



He is an expert at giving me that “hangdog” look. But I do not cave. There is still one good nylabone in the house.


14 thoughts on “A Dog With a Problem

  1. Oh Noah!!! He’s all “MOM, I have to hide my bonz or else the bossy one will take them” – did he ever settle down and just chew it? And your description of Sophie having to grab one when you exercise says everything about a dachshund. They can be a little needy sometimes.

    BTW, I am dying over your beautiful floor in the pictures. Yes, yes, Noah is a big fluffy handsome dog, but OMG your FLOORS!!! //swoon

    • No, he never did settle down that day. Oh, I’m glad you like my floors. Sometimes I look at them and wonder. Mostly I’m so happy I got them. Actually easier to take care of than carpet!

  2. LOL Bella used to do this a lot when she was younger but lately not so much until last week and where was she trying to bury it: in the garden where the gardener had just planted new plants. Mom wasn’t happy and took her bone and gave it back in the house.

    In our bedroom under the bed is a bone that she put there I think 2 years ago and she definitely forgot about it 🙂

    Noah is so adorable, he looks so sad that he can’t bury it.

  3. Ohmigosh. He looks so dejected I just want to give him a HUG.

    The cat furbabies like to shove small toys under closet doors and then come yell at me to get them out.

  4. Our guy used to bury them under the furniture. He would push them just out of his reach, then he would come get whoever was handy to reach under the sofa and pull it out for him. He loved to bury them in the yard also, and he would come back in the house with a big, muddy grin. Thanks for the great memory.

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