Good Things

Its strawberry season! I buy too many strawberries, considering there is only one person living in this house. I found a good thing to do with the strawberries that are on the verge–very ripe, but not gone bad.

A potato masher! A potato masher (from the Dollar Store, no less) works perfectly to pulverize strawberries into a thick “sauce.”


I’ve found a number of things I can do with these mashed strawberries. They work as a topping for protein pancakes or English muffin french toast. I can mix them with a Laughing Cow Lite wedge to use as the celery topping.


And if there is still some left, I can mix it with some plain yogurt, and eat it that way, or mix with other ingredients for some yummy frozen yogurt granola bars! (original idea courtesy of Cammy.)

The way I always make these granola bars is to measure out each ingredient as it goes in, make a note of the calorie count of each item, add them all up at the end, and divide through by 6 or eight (depending on how many bars you want to make out of this recipe.)

For this batch, I mixed the mashed strawberries with some of my plain homemade yogurt, and then added in some store-bought granola, sliced bananas, mini chocolate chips, and chopped walnuts.


Just mix everything in an 8X8 pan, and place in the freezer. When the yogurt is frozen, maybe an hour or so, cut into bars and wrap individually in plastic wrap. These are very hard when fully frozen, so take out of the freezer maybe half an hour before you plan to eat them. They are usually around 125 calories, a most worthy, light, and tasty dessert.



10 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. I think those granola bars would be something my kids would actually eat!! They look really good. Yum!
    With 3 kids, any strawberries I buy are gone within a couple of days. It’s the one food we can all agree on!

    • Yeah, those bars are definitely fun to eat and to make! The kids could choose whatever they want to add in to their bars. And a tip for the “busy mom.” Just buy whatever kind of flavored yogurt you want and use that!

  2. Do you use any water to mash the berries? That’s a good idea…I always end up with some that are too mushy to want to eat with my breakfast yogurt, but a strawberry “sauce”? Yummy!

    • No, these berries are the ones I get from the farm stand, so they are extra ripe and soft all the way through. One time when I got store-bought strawberries, I pulverized them in the food processor with just a bit of water.

  3. I can’t believe you are having strawberry season already! I think we have at least 5-6 weeks before we’ll have farm strawberries. Mashing them like that with a potato masher is such a great idea. I think I’ll try that when I make strawberry shortcake – so much more efficient than cutting them all up into small pieces.

  4. I love strawberries! Nowadays you can buy them all year round here but I only buy them in Summer. It’s a seasonal fruit to me. I came across a recipe for a pie with strawberries last weekend, need to make that soon! Maybe next week.

    Strawberries are perfect in a smoothie too. And I have a summer salad recipe where you use mixed salad, brie cheese, strawberries and cashew nuts, add some honey-mustard dressing and you have a perfect meal salad for a hot Summer day.

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