Bionic Me


Yahoo! I finally found a solution to my knee brace problem! But this post is less about me and more about that seemingly rare commodity in the 21st century–good customer service.

Honestly, I’ve been on the verge of writing a post several times about poor customer service. Somehow, receptionists and others whose job it is to interact with the public have gotten the idea that being kind and polite–providing good service–is no longer a part of their job. And I just won’t accept that any more. I’ve decided its part of turning 60, just like “you’re not the boss of me” was a part of turning 50. I try to be polite but firm when confronting their poor service and/or straight out rudeness. But still, its just not a good day when I have to deal with this stuff. Mini rant over 🙂

So. Back to the knee brace. From all my experiments, I somehow figured out that maybe a knee sleeve would work to help the brace stay in place (it kept “migrating” down, which according to Mr. Google is a common problem.) Ever the bargain shopper, I checked out my usual shopping place–Amazon–and had almost decided on one brand, when I clicked on another site, Brace Sox. And I thought, it might be good to pay a bit more and get this from a company where I could talk to real people, and ask if their product would help with my particular problem. Imagine my surprise when I called and a real person answered the phone!! After discussing what I needed, Ann recommended a particular product, told me the size I needed to order, and gave me some tips on how to wear it.

Now, imagine my disappointment when I got my new knee sock, and tried it out, and the brace slipped down around my ankle in less than 50 yards. I was so disappointed. So I waited until the weekend was over, and then, dreading making a phone call to find out about returns, I checked their website. Ahhh, instructions on how to return via email. I sent off an email describing my problem, and asked for a refund number to include when I sent the sock back.

Now, imagine my surprise when Ann called me back. She was very kind and polite. And we discussed what had happened. And she just sounded disappointed that it hadn’t worked for me. But she gave me the information on how to return. And because she sounded so disappointed, I asked, would you like me to try one more time before I return it? And she said, yes, and sounded very happy that I would do that.

Okay. Imagine one more time. I put the sock and the brace on EXACTLY the same way, and it worked!!! It worked so well that I went back and got Noah and we went for a long walk. NO SLIPPAGE whatsoever! I don’t really know what the difference was, but I am thrilled, and so very hopeful that soon I might be taking a three mile hike again.

I talked to Ann one more time, and she sounded so happy that it had worked for me. Cost of buying from a company where you will get good customer service? Priceless!

4 thoughts on “Bionic Me

  1. Yay!!! I love a good customer service story!!
    Just yesterday I went into a grocery that is just a little bit pricier than Walmart and the cashiers and workers there were so nice and accommodating that I decided that store is going to be my go-to for groceries now, even though it’s a little bit farther than WM. It’s worth it to me to pay the extra dollars and shop in a nice atmosphere. WM always depresses me just a little bit.

    So glad your brace is working for you now!! And yeah, it totally looks bionic – COOL!!!

  2. Hi, Debby. You and I spoke by phone Wednesday evening. I was very happy to hear that with a bit of instruction from Anne you were able to use the Bracesox successfully. I’m really not surprised. She’s quite passionate about satisfying our customers. Since she is a knee brace patient herself–originally from an athletic injury and now due to arthritis–she knows just what she’s talking about.

    Stories like yours are what make doing what we do worth doing. Give Noah a pat for me.

    Happy trails.

    Bill Wolverton

  3. So happy for you that the brace is finally working correctly, and what a wonderful company you’ve found! I agree with you, good customer service seems to be on the decline, so it’s great to hear a story like yours. 🙂

  4. You are bionic woman! So happy you can walk longer distances again.

    My company is focusing on good customer service. One of the things we have now is that people can leave reviews on our website. It’s my job to collect them twice a week and (with some help) answer questions. We think it’s important to give feedback if a customer takes the trouble to leave a review.

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