In The Garden

I just happened to look out the window right when this guy was taking a bath. And he stayed just long enough for me to grab my camera and get ONE picture.


The foxglove have done wonderfully in the ground. They never were very happy when I tried to grow them in containers. An added plus–they self-seed! I have baby foxgloves growing that will give me new blooms next year.




Again, I never had any luck with snapdragons in the past. I think the big advantage was planting them in the late summer/early fall. And maybe having a mild winter helped?


I got a 6 pack of columbine in the fall and planted them around the garden. They are all different colors, and very pretty, I think.


I planted this honeysuckle vine last year. It ALMOST gave up when it was completely over-run by the tomato forest! So I am extra happy to see it come back and do so well. I don’t think it smells as nice as the white honeysuckle, so I might have to find a place to grow one of them. I had one outside the front window for years, and the delicate smell would waft in the window in the evening. But that one had to go with all the work that was done on the house.




Carnations are my favorite cut flower. I love their smell. Its so fresh, and is not as strong and overwhelming as some flowers can be. This is the second year for this plant, and I was happy to see it doing so well. It does kind of sprawl. I wonder if that is the nature of carnations. Do I need to make them a little corral?


We (haha, I point, and MLG does the work) are doing more rock work and pavers. I am wondering if I am getting carried away with the stones. I am going to do some research this week.

And that’s this week in the garden.

11 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. We have many things in common: love of quilting, living with construction, struggles with weight issues, and gardening. I enjoy your blog so much, but your tours of the garden have always been my favorites. It looks like a place of peace and beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful bird, and quite the capture!

    My favorite cut flower is the carnation – you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of mini carns! I’d love to grow them here, but I tried it once and they didn’t like the heat (big surprise). I love the slightly wild look of your garden. 🙂

    • Ha! That’s a great description. It describes how I feel when I go out there–who’s in charge here? The plants, definitely 🙂

  3. What is that bird? It looks kind of like a tanager, but not one we get out east.

    I love the floxgloves. Now that I have the space, I am going to get allllll the flowers I have been wanting over the years, but couldn’t have 😀

    • Interesting. I believe it is a Western tanager.

      LOL. I have a lot of space. But I am finding that I still don’t have room for ALLLL the flowers. Pondering building more beds. Perhaps I should wait until this drought ends?

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