Three Miles!

Its funny to me that I could be so excited about walking three miles. I used to walk 5 miles fairly regularly. But for the last couple of years, walking has been unpleasant, and so I have walked most days, but it was much shorter. More of a stroll. Just enough to keep Noah happy.

So with the steroid shot, the new medicine, and the brace, I have been looking forward to trying to walk to the end of my road again. And if anyone new is reading, walking to the end of my road is more like hiking. You’re either walking uphill or downhill.

Anyway, Friday Noah and I set off. Once we got halfway up the big hill, I knew we would make it. Here we are taking a rest stop at the end of the road:


And the road back:


I don’t know how often I will do this. The brace is for my right knee. My left knee was complaining halfway through, as well as my back and other joints 🙂 But best of all was how very good I felt about myself all day. I know its not that far. But for me it was a great accomplishment.

I’m not sure how Noah felt about it. This is how he looked for the rest of the day.


11 thoughts on “Three Miles!

  1. Haha – poor tuckered out Noah! Glad you are able to get walking again. You now have a trifecta going for you with the brace, shots and meds 😀

  2. Seeing the selfie of you and Noah made me realize that I haven’t seen a shot like that in quite a while…so happy for the both of you, to be able to make that long walk again!!! Although, it’s pretty funny how tired Noah was afterward – looks like he’ll need to ease back into exercising, LOL!

  3. Yay for 3 miles!!! I’d give anything to have a nice scenic road to walk on instead of the dead end road I’m on now. So glad you are out and about and enjoying it again!

  4. Bionic knee with a good brace and sleeve (thank goodness for that great customer service) and you’re on the road again. I’m so happy for you! I bet your other aches and pains will lessen as you get yourself back into walking shape.

    Even though I’m still running slowly, while I was rehabbing my thigh, I walked a few times a week and became certain that this is where I will end up exercise wise. That will be full circle for me as I had walked for years before I ran.

    • Thanks for that thought that things will get better if I keep up the walking. I hadn’t actually thought of that.

  5. I have a bad knee and after a trabecular bone injury a year ago I went about 9 months with little to no walking. I’ve been able to get back to it this year (I also live in a hilly area). I’ve found that I do still have some knee pain, but as long as it isn’t getting worse I do OK. If it starts getting worse with more activity then I know to pull back. Also, to take days off to lessen the stress on the knee.

  6. So happy for you. You can see the happiness in your selfie too. And Noah is so cute, he looks like Bella after a hike.

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