Nervous Little Dogs

Found this draft languishing in my drafts file. This is my all-time favorite Larsen cartoon. He MUST have had a dachshund–his cartoons about them are so dead on. Anyway, I do wish I could get Sophie to use some of her nervous energy to make my morning coffee 🙂 As I said in an earlier post, Sophie seems to get nervous when I do my PT exercises. Here’s how she gets rid of some of her anxiety when I get my yoga mat out. Maybe some of us emotional eaters could take a lesson from her–chewing on a bone has a lot less calories than that cupcake 🙂 DSCN2868   DSCN2862 DSCN2870 DSCN2866 DSCN2867

8 thoughts on “Nervous Little Dogs

  1. I puffy heart Gary Larson and the Far Side. Many many hours of my teenage years were spent pouring over his books! 🙂 Glad Queen Sophie has her bone to keep her company!

  2. She looks in bliss 😀

    Pixie is usually the most relaxed kitty, but if John and I are standing together in a room while talking, it bothers her so much that she will come over and meow at our feet. She doesn’t do this in the kitchen (where we usually stand), but only in the other rooms.

    • That is so funny, especially that she does it everywhere except for the kitchen. Don’t you wish we had interpreters to tell us exactly why they do the things they do?

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