In the Garden

Well, I didn’t think there was much new to report, but I went out to the yard, and found more to take pictures of than you might want to see! Fun.

The biggest thing is something that MLG has been doing for the past couple of weeks. I have this thing about paver stones……I like them. So I saw these rectangular travertine stones, and they seemed like such a good price, so I bought 16 of them. Had no plans or idea of how to use them… showed them to MLG, and he came up with this idea. Which I loved, but umm, yeah. It took a lot more than 16 stones…. Sigh. I have been to Lowes and Home Depot three times in the past two weeks, and brought home and unloaded about 1500 pounds of stones from my car. We have more stone plans 🙂

Anyway, I love this little path between the shade garden and the Japanese maples. Its not really as long as it looks in the picture. MLG uses a level and works hard at making the uneven, rocky ground work so the water will drain the right way.

From one direction:


And from the other direction:


After yesterday’s rain (yay!) Sophie and Bess found something extremely interesting smelling out there.


Then Bess got bored with it.


The shade garden. Pretty soon there will be some color in there.


Noah and his never-ending quest for THE LIZARDS.


Here’s a new plant I got. The foliage is really almost white. Its called Abutilon Savitzii. Its related to that Japanese lantern plant that I have.


And now for some color! I love the delicacy of the poppies.


And the brilliant color of these pansies:


These volunteer nasturtiums are already doing so much better than the ones I planted last year.


And these sweet little clover flowers come back every year. I love how they are peeping through the teacup.


These little begonias came back better than last year!


A new perennial flower I got (sorry, lost the label, don’t know the name.)


Another new plant to fill in an empty spot. This is a Lavitera. Its quite a rangy bush, but I love the flowers.


This cracks me up. Can you see that the star jasmine has vined itself up the peacock, and has provided a fancy headdress for it?


Here, you can see it better in this picture. This was the star jasmine that was thrown on the trash heap a couple of years ago. It is doing wonderfully this year.


And I was trying for one last shot, and Noah photo-bombed it!


Here you go. I hope all of you have a wonderful, peace-filled weekend!




14 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. The new paver path looks gorgeous and it really ties that area together…I wouldn’t have thought it was missing anything until I saw the finished area – wow!

    Love the shots of the dogs (OF COURSE) – Bess is making me laugh with her “I’m bored, I’ll just sit here and sun myself” pose.

    • Bess is definitely a sun lover. Once in a while I see her get up from her bed and go outside. I’ll look out the window to see what she’s doing, and there she is, in just that position, getting a few rays. Sophie likes the sun too, but she prefers her indoor sun 🙂

  2. Oh Debby – that travertine is gorgeous! I love it! We need some stones for a lot of paths and just today our neighbor across the street says she has slate we can have since they are redoing their patio. We need to go get it and find a home for it. Need to borrow MLG 😀

    • Thanks! And yes, on the slate!!! I look at the slate, but it seems really expensive, so I mostly have gone with the fake stones. You don’t need MLG, you have John 🙂

  3. I think I’ve learned something new here… I had no idea that Begonia’s were perennial.

    Everything just looks so lovely. Between the house and the garden you really are creating your happy place and it’s so nice to see.

    • Yes, I guess I learned that too! I knew that the big tuberous begonias you could save their “bulbs” from year to year. But I didn’t realize that the little ones were like that too. All the time I grew them in pots, I just threw the plant out at the end of the season…

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