In The Garden

First rose of the year!


This wildflower was literally growing out of the side of a rock on my road!

The star jasmine (saved from the trash heap!) is finally blooming.


And the peacock with her beautiful headdress 🙂


My grocery store rose. Did I tell you I was too cheap to buy a rose at the nursery for $40? So I saw these rose bushes outside the local grocery store for $5 each. I bought three of them, and two of them actually lived and have blooms this first year.


Practicing my close-up shots:


All of the flowers in this shot were volunteers!


The first blooms on the “fairy impatien.” These are growing all over the yard, and they are all self-seeded from one plant that I bought last year.


My baby astilbe. Maybe I have finally found the right place to grow these…


And this is the stonework that MLG did this week for me. I kept buying more of the stones from Lowes and Home Depot, until I had a decent amount to work with, and so we extended the front courtyard(?) that I had done myself years ago. There is a slope to the land in my yard, and so MLG worked at making sure the water drained the right way.


From this angle, you can see where the travertine path comes in.


And this is the most astounding thing of all. Did I complain to you about my apple tree not having any blossoms this year? I mean, its a young tree, so I was not expecting apples for 5 years (that’s what they said at the nursery.) But I love apple blossoms, and so I was very disappointed that there were literally 2 clusters of blossoms on the whole tree. And then this morning, I was looking out the window, and what do I see but a real apple growing!! And there is a second apple–so one from each blossom cluster.


Its heating up around here. I hope you have nice weather wherever you are, and have a wonderful relaxing weekend.


12 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. I think we work at it and try various things but I honestly believe somebody bigger than you and I is really in charge of the garden (and the patio pots)!

  2. That path is truly lovely. That is a ton of stone, too – literally!! I can’t believe you got them all yourself.

    I love the floxglove as well. I hope my fairy impatiens bloom this year 😀 I think I have 3 of that type that are thriving.

    • Thanks, Lori. Mostly I put the stones on the cart, and then have the boys load it in my car. And then of course, I have to unload it when I get home.

      I’m glad some of them lived. they will definitely bloom this year!

  3. All of your stonework is so pretty – shoot, your entire yard is amazing! I’m so impressed with how it’s developed over the last, what, two years? It looks natural and flows together well – your hardscape looks like it’s been there forever, if that makes sense. And the plants and trees are thriving. Great job, Debby and MLG (forever known in my head as “my little gardener” – but don’t tell him that, lol!).

    • Thanks Shelley! Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve done all this in just a couple of years. Usually I only have a partially formed idea, and MLG (now I think of that too LOL) will have some really good ideas, and will know how to best implement them in the less than cooperative ground here.

  4. Beeeautiful!!! I love seeing how your garden has evolved over the years!

    There was what I *think* was a foxglove that sprouted in one of the flower beds along the garage. (With all the birds, we get lots of random stuff sprouting in the yard.) It grew nice and big, but no flower stalks. I was so hopeful! One day I came home from work and it was *gone*. Tom thought it was a weed and pulled it. Oh well! I might just have to go to the nursery and buy one with blooms on it. 🙂

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