Not Perfect

I just returned from a week long trip to the Bay Area and Cambria. And as usual, when I travel, my food and exercise regime is severely interrupted. I eat different food than I eat at home. I eat more food. I eat sugar and wheat freely (two things I minimize in my normal daily diet.) I drink less water and more coffee. I give a half-hearted nod to exercise. And since many times my travel involves quilt or rug hooking workshops, I spend way more time sitting for extended periods of time.

All that to say that when I was driving home, I said to my friend “I gained ten pounds this week!” And I truly felt like that.

Long time readers will know that I don’t believe in weighing yourself after any travel time. I do believe that just the actual physical traveling can make you retain water and/or pounds and can affect your weight. So I usually won’t weigh myself for a full week after I return from a trip. But this time, I wanted to see if my estimate was right. Sure enough, my weight was up 9 pounds from when I weighed myself the day before I left on this trip. Four pounds are already gone in 2 days. Interesting.

Sometimes this travel bit is distressing to me. Why do I think its free season on food consumption when I travel? Why can’t I get it under control? Why do I gain so much weight when I travel, when I’m really not eating any more than the “regular people?”

Well, coming home, and comfortably slipping back into my regular routine, with no longings for wheat or sugar, and extra doses of fruits and veggies, is always reassuring to me.

And yesterday, when I was thinking about this, it occurred to me that I am not yet perfect. It just made me laugh at myself. I really only share this stuff in case it is helpful to someone working on (imperfectly) maintaining weight loss. I hope it might be encouraging.

11 thoughts on “Not Perfect

  1. I’m glad you shared. And I’m impressed with how in tune you are with your body – dang, you were just about spot on with that assessment! But the quick drop shows that a vacation/travel gain is usually temporary…yes, eating more, but eating different, as Jeff and I call it. Plus less water, veggies, etc. all change what the body is holding onto.

    As for the struggles while on vacation, I get that…it’s hard to not turn vacation into a food free-for-all. There’s a line between experiencing food we don’t get to have at home and diving headfirst into ALL THE FOOD – and sometimes? That line seems to be invisible.

    At least you reign it in once you’re back home, which is a huge positive. There probably was a time when that didn’t happen, right?

    • Oh yeah. For a short time I was very disciplined on vacation. And then I would come home and “treat” myself for all that deprivation. And then before that, well, there was no need for eating more or different on vacation, because I ate all the food all the time 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this I feel reassured that I
    am not the only one who gains weight when I
    travel, which to be honest isn’t often but it
    happens every time. I think I gain weight because
    portions go up, water goes down, bathroom
    habits are different, sleep is off, exercise? forget
    about it. Any one of those things can cause
    weight gain by themselves let alone when
    you combine them. It usually takes me a week
    or two or three sometimes to get back to where
    I started from. Thanks for writing this.

    • I’m glad it was helpful. Oh yeah, I forgot the bathroom habits and sleep. Totally off.

      This morning I’m down 5 pounds 🙂 4 more to go!

  3. I will gain several pounds after a plane trip. Even if my calories are perfect. It’s crazy. What is up with that, anyway.

    The overnight trip we took for my birthday weekend and I gained only 1 pound, which for me is really good. It seems we are the same = gains are way out of proportion compared to other people it seems.

    • Oh yeah. The airplane travel is awful. My rings are tight by the end of the plane ride! Seems like that comes off in a day or two, if you know what I mean 🙂

      One pound for a birthday trip sounds like a great birthday present to me!

  4. You don’t have to be perfect Debby. Perfect people are boring 🙂 I rather see people that aren’t perfect, I’m certainly not.

    The last couple of years I always maintained or even lost weight on vacations. Reason is that our vacations changed: we stay in bed and breakfasts most of the time so there is often no food in the room. And we are more active than we used to be, we are almost out to explore new things every day.

    • That’s interesting about there being no food in the room. On this trip, meals are included–they serve three meals a day! And, they are generally very healthy. But they are higher calorie than I usually eat, and of course, they included dessert 🙂

  5. I think it’s HUGE that you can slip back into your normal routine when you return without cravings! Kudos on that.

    When I’m away I really don’t mind sampling foods and eating things that would normally not be on my menu. I do mind when I just go into compulsive eating and waste calories on stuff that frankly, isn’t that good. In other words, it’s ok if I sit down to breakfast and hear that the raspberry muffins are awesome and I have one, versus just sitting down and shoveling piles of everything on my plate and eating every last bite, even if I later would say that the hash browns weren’t very good. So why did I eat them?

    • It always makes me very happy when I get right back to eating “my way.” And yeah, I get you on the eating everything, even if its not that good. Still hard for me to leave food on my plate.

  6. Me too, Debby–my body is such a sensitive “machine” that unless I pay attention to everything I eat and exercise almost every day, I can gain several pounds in no time. Now back on my program after a vacation and you’re right, it feels good.

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