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I returned from my trip to the seaside (high’s of 70 degrees,) to a heat wave here in the foothills (100 degrees when I arrived home.) The garden looks a little sad about the heat, but it mostly fared well, thanks to my “babysitter” being willing to water the plants while I was gone.

First, here is where I was (I went to Cambria Pines for rug hooking camp again.) I managed to get away to visit the sea three times. I even took a few walks along the boardwalk that they have there.

Day 1:


Day 2:



Day 3:


This is a houseplant that I bought at the nursery in Cambria. It is so beautiful. Does anybody know what it is? (they told me, but I can’t remember.)



I found a few new blooms to share. The fairy impatiens have taken over!


Another of the grocery store roses has bloomed!


The volunteer Teddy Bear sunflowers have started to bloom!


The hydrangea is full of buds. This is the first to bloom. It is a lace cap hydrangea. Unfortunately, I think hydrangeas like it a bit cooler. I wish they had bloomed earlier.


This is very weird. This was a plain old hydrangea. It has been weaker than the other hydrangea ever since we planted them in the ground two years ago. Last year it didn’t even bloom. And this year, there are two blooms like this on it. Its like it has morphed into a completely different plant! I think it is very pretty.


And just a view of the sunny bed.



We are having a drought here in Sunny California. Some of you might have heard about that 🙂 I am on a well, so my watering is not really restricted. But I do try to be responsible in my water usage, and of course, I worry occasionally about my well going dry. My main concession is that I am not adding any new plants right now. The best way for me to do that is to just not visit the nursery 😦

19 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. Hi Debbie,
    These photos are so beautiful . Since its 110 here in Tucson, your garden and and photos of the beaches are a relief. Im am curious about the Hydrangea,too. I hope someone can identify what is happening to the flower .

  2. Well running dry?? Egad, that’s a worry I thought went out with the Laura Ingalls Wilder times, LOL!! Sure wish we could magically divert some of our rain here in Texas to California. That said, your beach and flower pictures are so nice, and I’m reminded of how easy it is to zip on over to the ocean, and then to the mountains, all in the same day.

    • I know! I try not to think about it too much. Both of my closest neighbors have had issues with their well not providing enough water. I had some well work done about a year ago, so they tested it and said I was fine.

      It still amazes me that I can leave home in the mountains and drive 3 hours and be at the Pacific Ocean. There’s a few things that California is still good for 🙂

  3. What a beautiful place you visited! Believe it or not, we have that sort of temperature shift right here in CT and from where I am on the shore, to the northern part is only about an hour’s drive. It’s funny because sometimes inland folks will flock to the beach only to discover that it’s not ‘quite’ beach weather yet. The newspaper always prints photos of people sitting on the beach in sweatshirts early on in the season.

    I love that Teddy Bear sunflower! I’ve never seen one before. I’m sorry you can’t go the nursery and I wish you rain soon.

    • Cambria really is in a beautiful location. They are actually very near the mountains too.

      The Teddy Bear sunflowers are fun. They are only about 2 feet high, with these big blooms. It was also fun to have all of these volunteers. They came up in weird places, so I had to transplant them all, but it saved me a ton of money. Free flowers are always extra fun.

  4. I would GLADLY send some of this rain to sunny California if I could! I am SO OVER THE FREAKING RAIN, but I guess you have to just deal with it when you live in Seattle. Oh wait…I don’t live in Seattle…I live in OKLAFREAKINGHOMA where it’s not supposed to rain every single day of the supposed summer!!!!

    Clearly, I have some things to work through with Mother Nature. 🙂

    • LOLOL. I guess I’ll take our constant never-ending 90-100 degrees and sunny over the constant rain.

      Seems like the great United States of America could figure out a way to share all the rain with everybody, doesn’t it?

      • You would think, in this day and age, that someone could figure it out! I mean, we can build a pipeline for oil…why not one for water???

  5. I have some teddy bear sunflower seeds in the ground now, but they are just tiny sprouts! I love that one. I tried to grow them from seed inside, but my plant muncher got to them. Is your sun bed too full for any irises? I think I will have some small blue ones from that clump I dug up earlier this year. I took the whole clump, so I need to pare it down.

  6. What a lovely area you have been too and your garden is beautiful.

    The constant drought in California made the news here too. Even here in Holland we had not enough rain and the farmers are starting to get in trouble because or their harvest.

    • Wow, a drought in Holland. That just doesn’t’ seem right. It always looks so lush and green in your pictures, and there seems to be water everywhere.

  7. Cambria, now that brings back some lovely memories of my time in California. We can’t buy impations here anymore due to the downy mildew disease. Is the fairy impatiens a different variety? or maybe you don’t have the disease there.

    • Interesting. We still have regular impatiens for sale in the nursery, but I haven’t grown them for years. The fairy impatiens are different–they are very hardy. In fact yesterday, I was thinking they are almost like weeds. From one or two plants that I bought last year, I have them growing everywhere!

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