Good Clean Fun

I don’t seem to have much to post these days, but I thought I’d share life in general, and a few fun things (food 🙂 ) that I have enjoyed in the past few weeks.

Those 9 pounds I gained on vacation? Six pounds came off quickly. I’m still working on the last three.

I didn’t mention it, but the steroid shot I got for my knee only lasted a month. It was a very sad day when it stopped working. For a while it seemed like things were worse than ever, but that seems to have leveled out. The brace still helps on short walks and especially when I am working in the yard, so I am grateful for that. Next doctor’s appointment is in less than a month. We’ll see what they say.

No more three mile walks for me. Right now I’m not even walking Noah every day. Its hot, so he doesn’t seem to mind. He spends 95% of his day lounging. The other 5% he is racing around like a mad man to bark at the “marauding neighbors.” He’s still getting his allotment of aerobic exercise 🙂


For me, I have embraced the gym! I really enjoy going down for my (at least) 20 minutes on the bike and (at least) 20 minutes jogging in the pool. I swim occasionally, but I am enjoying the jogging so much, and I do not like getting water in my face, so swimming has taken a back seat for now.

Yesterday I went to the lawyer’s to finalize the trust on my estate. I was very reluctant to do this. The wording on my dad’s trust was very misleading, and it seemed like if I made a trust, nothing would belong to me anymore. I know that’s not true. It just seemed like that to me. But in general it makes life much easier for the folks that are left after you die, so I do recommend it to anyone who is thinking about that. The lawyer I went to specializes in estate planning, and I was surprised that she could make a personalized trust so easily with just a little bit of information from me (where I wanted stuff to go.) Now on to the burial plot!! LOL.

Its been hot hot hot here. It still cools down in the early morning, so I get up (early) and open all the windows for a couple of hours. I try to get out in the morning to water the plants, and sometimes do a bit of watering or weeding in the evening. Tomorrow MLG comes to put in the patchwork path, so I need to get out there and decide how/where I want the stones to go. I foresee some sweat in my near future 😦

Here’s a couple of fun food items. I found the 85% chocolate in the bins again. I made a mix of: 4 oz melted chocolate, 2 oz dried cherries, 2 oz dried apricots, 2 oz raisins, and 4 oz walnuts. That came out to about 2000 calories, so I divided it into 20 clumps and made my own healthier chocolate candy treats. The 85% chocolate makes it so I am not tempted to eat more than one of these at a time.

Not a great picture, but I wanted to show it in my hand for size comparison.

Not a great picture, but I wanted to show it in my hand for size comparison.

I made myself some protein pancakes the other day, and used my smashed strawberries and some laughing cow lite as a topping. Yummy.


And last but not least, I found these little lovelies at Trader Joe’s. The tin actually says there is one calorie per piece. I usually only grab 3 or 4 pieces at a time–they have an intense chocolate flavor and a little crunch to them. The other day I wanted to have some chocolate with my cherries for dessert, so I counted out 50 of them. VERY satisfying.

Put my finger in there for size comparison.

Put my finger in there for size comparison.

Every day when I go into the studio, the little girls fight over this square of sunlight coming in through the front door.



And that’s about it for news around here. Hope your week is going well, and you are staying cool (or warm, depending on how the weather is near you!)


12 thoughts on “Good Clean Fun

  1. That cracks me up that you call them “the little girls”! 🙂
    Good for you for getting to the gym! I wish my gym had a pool – that would be perfect, but I’m still pleased with what I’ve got.
    I want some Nibs!! 🙂

  2. I love posts like this – makes me feel like we just had a nice conversation. Trusts and wills are hard to face but make things so much easier for those you leave behind. We’ve done ours but don’t have burial plots yet lol! Those Nibs make me wish there was a Trader Joe’s closer to me. When you listed all the ingredients for your treats I kept thinking healthy! Then you said total calories and I was reminded that even healthy calories can add up quickly. I admire your determination to have your treats in a reasonable portion. I’m very sorry to hear about your knee!

    • I know. It was a real bummer about the knee. It will be interesting to see if they think it will be worth it to try again. I would be willing to try, even for a month of feeling normal again!

      I’m glad you like my stream of consciousness posts 🙂 Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just meet up for coffee someplace?

  3. Debby…it feels like I KNOW you as I read your blog. It would be just great if you lived closer….smile. I was interested in reading about your jogging at the pool. How deep is the water you are jogging in. Am thinking about rejoining the Y just for water activity…have been stopped in my tracks about ANYONE seeing my body with all this weight on, but must find a suit that hides some of it…ha ha Any suggestions?? Where is the recipe for the protein pancakes? PS your doggies look completely content to be inside the house. Love the photos. mickie

    • That would be so fun if we lived closer. The blog world is fun, but the distance is not. I read sometime that the deeper the water, the more resistance it provides, and thus, a better workout. So at our pool, there is one lane that is perfect for me–water is about shoulder high. I try to stay there, but it is not always available. Any deeper (neck-high) and it is difficult to get my momentum going. And yes, I do have a suggestion for a suit. I feel very comfortable in it, which is a miracle in itself. It is called a “unitard” so its a basic tank, but has long legs, above the knee length. Go to, and look for it. Some ladies wear t-shirts in the pool, and there are even swim shirts that you can get.

      Protein pancakes: 1/3 cup each of oats, cottage cheese, and egg whites. Add a pinch of salt, bit of vanilla, and sometimes a bit of splenda and cinnamon. Blend it all in a blender. Cook like regular pancakes. I spray the pan with oil (Pam) and then right before I flip, I spray the top of the pancake with the oil. They never stick. I like them as much as any regular pancakes, and I feel so virtuous when I eat them 🙂

  4. Good to see a post from you girl! We are learning to deal with humidity here in Arkansas…. after 20 years in dry West Texas and then 3 years in the dry central valley CA this is something new… but we are dealing… We turn the air cond off when we go to bed and open the windows and then we don’t have to turn it back on until after lunch sometime… so i think we are doing pretty well… My workout at the moment and for the foreseeable future is working on the house tearing out sheetrock etc…. one day that will end and then i hope to take up walking around here as it is beautiful with lots of wildlife… saw 2 gorgeous bucks with their horns still in velvet on the way home from town today… stay cool… Hugs! deb

  5. Have you tried the gel shots in your knee yet? Maybe that is the next step. (Orthovisc/synvisc).

    I am actually a little glad that the nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour away. Seems like when I go there I get all the things like cookie butter, nibs, chocolate covered anything and cookies 😀 And cheap almond butter.

    • I should have left a link to my long knee post.That is why I started back at the knee doctors last fall–I wanted the gel shots. The insurance company denied them. When I spoke with the health advocate from work, he pointed out that one of the reasons for denial was that there was a lot of studies showing that they were no more effective than steroids. The ortho/surgical doctors that I am going to now have a low opinion of the gel shots too. So, they’re kind of out of my mind right now. I kinda think the insurance company might be regretting their denial right about now, what with the ridiculous cost of the brace and the extensive X-rays and the prescription meds and the more frequent doctor visits.

      TJ’s and chocolate covered anything–LOLOL. That’s what happens to me in Whole Foods. I just go in and wander around the bakery department. I never even go in the rest of the store–I think they’re too high priced. But their bakery department is quite reasonably priced 🙂

  6. Noah makes me just want to cuddle up with him. So sorry about your knee. 😦
    I told myself that this year was for “getting my house in order”. That includes the will, trust etc. etc. The only done along those lines so far is identifying my executor. And we’re already half way through the year!

  7. Awww Noah is so cute! We are in the middle of a heatwave here, above 100 degrees (which is insane for this country and last time that happened was in 1944!). I can’t walk with Bella yet but if I could I would just take her out early in the morning and late in the evening. R. is setting up her pool today 🙂

    Too bad about your knee, was hoping for you the shot would work longer.

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