In the Garden

I’m pretty excited about the latest garden project! And before I start I have to give major props to MLG for being willing to do this kind of work in my yard. I don’t believe there is one square inch of level ground in my yard, and honestly, one inch below the surface is where the rocks start! Mark Twain (who lived in this area for a while) even said something about how terrible the ground was up here.

Anyway, MLG works hard to make paths level, and also to slant things in such a way that the water will run away from the house. NOT things that would come to mind if I was doing this myself.

So here is the patchwork path. I saw the idea in a magazine. My path is not the same as the one in the magazine, and in fact, MLG suggested the red brick in the center of the ground cover spaces. I agreed, since we are having a drought, and that would make it less plants to water for now. Also, I do believe I will be less likely to trip by having a more solid path 🙂




Best new toy of 2015! Lori recommended this tool, a Cape Cod weeder, and after researching and bugging Lori a bit, I finally ordered this one. When it came I was very distressed at how small it was, so I took this picture to check with Lori if this was the right tool. She reassured me that it was, so I took it out to the garden and gave it a try. Holy moly! I never had so much fun weeding in my life! It works just like Lori said. I love it!


The Bee Balm came back to life and bloomed this year! I had it in the wrong place, and it just about died. So in the fall I moved it to its current location. It seems very happy there. My favorite shade of pink, and such a pretty flower shape.



This plant is blooming again. Has a lovely scent!


Just another look at the Teddy Bear sunflowers. I love seeing the little bits of color from the petunia and pansy peeking out below it.


Here is a view of the front garden from outside the deer fence. You can see the pink honeysuckle is still doing well, and the fringe daisies are there, with the sunflowers and free petunias mingled in. Oh, and you can see the wheelbarrow that I always leave out, and that is the storage shed behind it.


I found this picture in my queue and was puzzled by it. Ohhhh, a water feature. I saw it in a nursery and snapped a quick picture of it. I don’t have a water feature in my garden. Perhaps a project for next year?


11 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. I want a water feature. I would have to be pondless, though. I don’t want to deal with a pond. We might set up a fountain in a whiskey barrel. That’s the latest idea.

    I am glad you like that weeder. Phew! Especially since they are NOT cheap! I do love mine. You will be surprised at what other uses you find for it as well.

    • Mostly I don’t’ want to deal with a pond either. But when I was at that nursery looking at all the fancy water features, and then I saw this pond, I realized that I really loved the “natural” look of a pond. So most probably, I will never have a water feature. Just the oak leaves falling into it would drive me nuts!

  2. Sure do enjoy your blog. Your garden is delightful. Where would a person order the weeder tool?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I actually ordered mine on Amazon. It is a deWitt Cape Cod weeder. I spoke to one garden guy who said it was a very good brand. And it comes in right and left hand, which seems important to me because of the way it works.

  3. I love that you have the space, along with the natural, eclectic feel, to do different things (like this cool path) in your yard. And the doggies approve, which is important. 😉

    Jeff wants a pond SO BADLY. I like them, but I know us – read, him – and know that it will not be taken care of often enough, and with all of the trees in our backyard, will be covered in leaves…so I keep putting him off. So far I’ve got him to agree to wait until he retires…buying time, yes I am!

  4. I really like the extra red brick in the center of the path. Much nicer for walking, but the ground covers break up all the hard surfaces. Very nice. The bee balm certainly DOES look happy!.

    Some years ago I saw the water plants section in one of the nurseries near me. Yeah, with 17 full grown oaks in my front yard alone, a pond is really not on my wish list. BUT I bought 2 of those big lightweight pots in some closeout sale and for several years I had a water garden in pots on my deck. I treated them all like annuals, cuz I’m not enuff into gardening for that over-wintering word, but I loved my little water garden. I might do it again next summer and add a mister so the hummers will fly through, or at least a pump to add some sound.

  5. You have a beautiful yard Debby! I too live within the California drought area. It’s not an easy thing to develop an attractive garden with so little water.

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