How Do Thin People Eat?

So. The other day I was sick and fed up with myself. ALWAYS thinking about food. Always wondering how long til the next meal or snack.

Normal people aren’t like this, are they? So I googled “how do thin people eat?” And I came across a decent article. I even wrote down the eight bullet points from the article. So I could study them and become a thin person 🙂

  • They choose satisfied over stuffed.
  • They realize hunger isn’t an emergency.

    Bess and Noah waiting impatiently for me to fix their breakfast. They think hunger is an emergency.

    Bess and Noah waiting impatiently for me to fix their breakfast. They think hunger is an emergency.


Sophie uses a bone to cure her anxiety. I don't do that.

Sophie uses a bone to cure her anxiety. I don’t do that.








  • They don’t use food to cure the blues.








  • They eat more fruit.

    Yes please!

    Yes please!








  • They’re creatures of habit (they have a food template.) Heeeyyyy…
  • They have a self-control gene (I can practice this.)
  • They’re movers and shakers (on their feet more.)
  • They sleep–well.

So, I have some of these traits down. Others I made a note that I could practice. I’m pretty sure I can get all eight of these practices into my life and I still won’t be thin. But maybe I won’t be so obsessed with food?

Sometimes its very hard for me to make changes (see previous post about my food template.) I like to eat at the same time, and there are certain foods I don’t want to change (see Quest bars and lately, low calorie popcorn.) Right now I’m working on waiting until I am hungry before I eat my next meal or snack.

Well, at the end of this, I guess I’m just saying I’m not finished yet. I still need to work on my relationship with food. I can take comfort in the fact that for the most part I make very healthy choices (see Quest bars and low calorie popcorn.) I mostly eat fresh whole foods. And regular exercise is an established part of my life. I’m blessed that I don’t have a ton of stress in my life right now. I sleep okay–it could be better (please, Mr. Skunk, will you find another route to take?)

How long til my next meal? What am I going to eat then? 🙂


11 thoughts on “How Do Thin People Eat?

  1. You’re an early riser. 😀
    I have some of those down too and still need work on others. But I think having been an obsessive, bingeing food addict for 50 years some of the bullets don’t work for me. Perhaps hunger isn’t exactly an emergency, but it IS urgent. If I am hungry for too long it can initiate the crazies inside me. I keep little packs of nuts in my car as part of my emergency preparedness measures.

    Love how you illustrated the post.

    • I used to get that “low blood sugar” hunger, where it practically made you insane–insanely crabby, and willing to eat anything (like those restaurant jam packets.) Since I changed how I eat, I haven’t felt that hunger in years. But I think the memory of it still makes me a little fearful of hunger.

  2. Very interesting article (thanks for linking it)! The picture of Bess and Noah cracked me up – why do all animals think they have to be fed RIGHT NOW!?! 🙂

  3. For our cats, hunger is an emergency…a never ending yowling emergency, usually around 6:00 am. For Paco, having his food dish filled up makes him feel loved (I think, anyway) – he will bug us to fill it, but then walk away without eating, like knowing the food is there is enough. Of course, he’s our “happy eater” – when we come home he’ll run to his dish, grab a mouthful of food and run back to us and then he’ll eat it. I liken Paco to the “normal” human eaters – knowing that food is available when they want it is enough for them, but they’ll socialize and eat with gusto when they’re with friends.

    I do plan my food, especially if I’m going to be away from home and need to figure something out, but I usually do OK with not getting too focused on it. Now, when we’re away? Oh no…we wake up and plan out how we can get the most food consumed in one day!

    P.S. I recognize (and appreciate) that pose of Sophie with her bone…anxious little dog doing her best to stay calm!

    • Oh my gosh. The cats at 6am. I would throw them outside, but then I’ve heard from friends that they just come and scratch at your bedroom windows! The description of Paco–I was thinking exactly the same thing as I was reading–Paco is a “normal” eater!

  4. Bess and Noah made me laugh right out loud! So, if I let myself get too hungry, I’m definitely Bess or Noah or Bess AND Noah. It definitely becomes emergent for me.

    You’ve got me on the fruit thing. I like the idea of fruit but don’t really do well consuming it other than occasionally. Right now, if I’m honest, I’ve got 1/2 a watermelon, a pound of cherries and 5 or 6 peaches rotting in my fruit drawer. Terrible, I know. I should just make a fruit cobber or some such – I’d eat it then!

    But I’m so with you on stopping the incessant thinking/planning/thinking some more about food. It really is tiring.

    • Yeah, they literally were getting very impatient with me. Noah will usually lay around forever, but at that point he was just standing there, refusing to lay down until I moved toward the kitchen. Sophie was probably being a little more proactive, tapping back and forth between the kitchen and the living room, trying to give me directions.

      Yes, I think about you and my BF often as I am enjoying some really great fruit this summer. To me its so delicious, and I just can’t understand how someone doesn’t care about it that much. I asked my BF if her mother fed her “bad” fruit when she was little. Its like I want to evangelize the fruitless 🙂

  5. You know I love my fruit! I eat so much fruit, but better than candy bars, right?

    I try not to worry so much about how much I think about food because I am not a ‘born thin’ person and, therefore, I don’t think like them. I think like a person who has to be conscious of what she eats because it is so easy for me to gain.

    • Ha! The “better than candy bars” is what I tell myself too sometimes 🙂

      And you are very right. I like the way you put that–“not a born thin person.” But I can still try to improve a little bit, while remembering that I am different. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  6. Love the pic of your dogs waiting for breakfast. My dog has developed the habit of stamping her feet and winging just like a child at breakfast time. Can’t resist her, therefore she has trained me well! Cheers, Helen

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