Revisiting Homemade Yogurt

Recently blog buddy Jill sent me a link to an interesting article about an Indian woman who  brought some yogurt starter with her when she moved to the United States. And she has used that same starter to make her yogurt for the last forty years! That kind of inspired me to make yogurt again. In the past, I always thought the yogurt got weaker, so periodically I would buy a new yogurt from the grocery store to start my yogurt. I’m going to see how long I can keep this batch going!


I wrote out instructions on how I make my yogurt here. Its very simple, with little to no clean-up necessary. I like my homemade yogurt because it is not that tangy. But if you want it tangier, just leave it out overnight. I did this with the last batch, and it is quite tangy!

Here’s a picture of my straining set-up. If you like your yogurt thicker, just strain it through coffee filters for about 20 minutes. See that glass of yellow liquid? I save the liquid I strain out of the yogurt (the whey) to make my smoothies with. It adds a certain delicious ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the smoothie.

DSCN3163My favorite ways to eat the yogurt are currently:

  • with a topping of Shelley’s most excellent granola
  • in a smoothie, mixed with frozen strawberries, the whey, and some spinach
  • topped with Bob’s Redmill Muesli and a few mini chocolate chips (for dessert.)

11 thoughts on “Revisiting Homemade Yogurt

  1. I have made yogurt a few times, but I just like Fage the best – and it is easier. Whenever I try a new project, John will say “You know, you don’t always have to make everything yourself” 😀

    My favorite way to eat yogurt is with chopped strawberries and some sort of cereal, like Honey Chex or something crunchy where you get a bigger serving for the calories.

    • I like Fage too. But I like the 2% kind, and its always real expensive around here. So I go through periods where I never make my yogurt, and then I get back to it. I like John’s comment.

  2. I go through phases with yogurt so it’s not something I would likely make. I will say that long before Greek yogurt was popular, I used to take my regular yogurt and strain it for a day or two to make it thicker. I just had the thought that you and I would probably make excellent roommates, because you’d know your fruit and yogurt were bascially safe from me most of the time lol!

    • It does seem weird. I just learned something new, though, that makes it seem better. The reason you heat the milk up first is to kill all the bacteria in the milk. Then you add the yogurt (which presumably only has the “good bacteria” in it.) That makes it seem better, doesn’t it?

  3. I want to try this sometime – not sure if anyone else in my house would eat it besides me, but it looks like fun to make! And also, I need to make more of Shelley’s Hippie granola. 🙂

    • That’s mostly why I do it–its just fun. It still fascinates me that it turns milk into real yogurt that fast and that easily.

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