In the Garden

I still have a few plants in pots. Sometimes the big common Japanese maple sends up seedlings. I like to put these in pots and grow them, and then give most of them away. One of them had grown quite large, and was in a pot on top of a stump. One day last week I walked out into the garden to find that it had just somehow fallen off of its stump, and I could see that it was very root-bound and really needed to come out of the pot. MLG to the rescue. It is now planted in a nice mostly shady spot along the front fence line.


He also put this heavenly bamboo into the ground this week.


MLG did a bit more stonework in the garden. And trimmed up some branches that were laying on the roof. All that to say that he left the ladder up, which gave me the urge to take some new “aerial shots” of the garden. But first, here are a few bouquets I made.

This one I made just because the rose was on a stem so high that I wouldn’t even be able to see the flower when it bloomed! I’m glad I brought it into the house. It has a wonderful scent. Thanks to Jeannie, I remembered to add a bit of greenery to this bouquet πŸ™‚


And I cut the sunflowers just because they were flopping upside down, so I get to see them right side up this way.


Here are the aerial shots. You can see the Japanese maple on the left either got too much sun, or too much water, or too little water. They all result in dried leaves.


I am on the ladder here, pretty much right outside my bedroom window, so this flower garden is what I get to see when I wake up. I love it!


And now I moved the ladder up to the top of the garden, where the “dog house” is. The dogwood tree on the right is doing very well. Hoping for some blooms in the spring. And the bigger Japanese maple in front of the house is the one that started this whole garden project. It is doing very well this year.

Just scanning a bit to the left, you can see the row of Japanese maples, and the row of hydrangeas.


I moved the ladder outside the front fence to try to get a view of the front beds. Here you can see the little apple tree on the left, and the bigger flowering cherry on the right. In the middle is a fringe plant, and behind it is the Camperdown Elm, which is a very interesting tree. I have not got a good picture of it yet.

Oh, and you can see the new little bed that was created by MLG’s stonework. I used to have pots of plants lined up against this fence. I am thinking about putting an herb garden in here. That’s what I already had in the pots.


And waiting for MLG–more stones!! I stopped by a real rock place, and discovered that I did not have to buy a ton at a time. These are sandstone and quartzite. I love them. Yes, I did unload 575 pounds of stones out of my car by myself πŸ™‚ And I am going to get another 500 pounds or so next week.


A few weeks ago, I re-connected with my old trainer–remember, she was also the one who had the healthy gourmet food business? Anyway, turns out she loves gardening even more than me, I think. So I invited her over to see my garden, and she mentioned it was her birthday. Oh my. A legitimate reason to bake a cake πŸ™‚ There have been great peaches at the farmer’s market this year, and there used to be a local baker who would bring these “Armenian” cakes to sell at the Farmer’s market. I would buy one, and eat it with the fresh peaches. Internet to the rescue. I googled Armenian cake, and chose this recipe. I only changed two things. I added lemon zest, because I thought that would go well with the peaches, and I sub’d homemade strained whole milk yogurt for the sour cream. This was a simple cake to bake, and SO delicious. It really is very great with fresh fruit–I served it with slices of white and yellow peaches.Β SomeΒ whipped cream would be a nice addition. But you know, a bit of concession to healthy living, right?


Have a fun and healthy weekend! I plan to hit the gym once or twice, and am enjoying lots of great fresh fruits and veggies.



13 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Deb…you did it AGAIN… walking thru your gardens. The stoned paths are gorgeous. The rose flower arrangement is so pretty and is just begging for a quilt to be made using those colors. I have started adding stones to my garden so will follow your lead in buying “fewer than a truckload” since I don’t have a truck. ha ha My next project will be a bird bath made our of stacked stones. I saw one at the stone quarry that had holes drilled down thru the center of several stacked stones with a pipe inserted to hold them altogether. The top rock had a natural indentation in it making it perfect for a shallow bird bath. I have been collecting the flat rocks for this project. Will have to post the results. Thanks again for sharing your lovely work. mickie

    • Your birdbath DOES sound very interesting! I’d love to see a picture when you are done with it. I might just have the perfect place for something like that πŸ™‚

  2. What an amazing view from your bedroom! How tranquil and inviting, too.

    Do you worry about the bamboo getting invasive or is it a different type? Maybe your winters will kill it down.

    Too bad you didn’t live by me to get a bunch of stone! LOL! I am going to end up with quite a bit. We will have to buy some when we redo our patio in the back in a few years. It’s ugly 80s zigzag brick right now and we want something a little classier.

    You should have made that chocolate cake πŸ˜€ – although yours looks pretty tasty.

    • This “heavenly bamboo” is never invasive, as far as I know. We had a small clump of it when I was a kid, in the bay area, where growing conditions are ideal, and it never got very big. My neighbor’s had a clump of it for years also, so I feel pretty safe.

      I know. I am always terribly fascinated when I see piles of rocks that no one seems to be doing anything with.

      I just saw the chocolate cake this morning. Otherwise, I might have been tempted. The one I made was really good with the fresh peaches, though, which was what I really wanted to serve.

  3. The aerial views really give a whole new perspective to your garden! I loved seeing everything but had to laugh at your “too much sun, or too much water, or too little water” – who really knows why something looks wonky, you just know that particular plant was unhappy for a bit and is showing it.

    Glad you bring in some flowers for bouquets. I still like catching glimpses of the interior of your pretty house, too. πŸ™‚ BTW where were the hounds when you were on the ladder? Clamoring at your feet, all worried-like? “MOM, MOM, GET DOWN NOW!!” (ok, probably just one in particular…)

    That cake sounds so good. And how fun to have someone over who appreciates a good garden. πŸ™‚

    • Even MLG enjoyed seeing the aerial views!

      Ha! Now that you mention it, I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t keep them in the house. Sophie was sitting right by the front door, which is her way of saying, “not safe not safe. go in house. please go in house.”

  4. GREAT BOUQUETS! πŸ™‚ Love the sunflowers in the blue vase. Thank goodness I don’t have much of a garden or I’d be considering scrambling onto the roof. Your aerial photos look wonderful.

  5. I love all your posts! Before you think that I’m exagerating, let me just say that I appreciate that you don’t bombard my inbox every day so when you do post, you have something to say or lovely photos of your garden or quilts. I hope to be able to take a workshop from you sometime when you’re in southern CA as you have a unique design ability which is enhanced by your stitching. Thank you, too, for talking about how you incorporate better food choices in your life.

    • Wow, thank you so much, Mary! You have made me feel better about my regularly irregular posting πŸ™‚ I’ve had a couple of inquiries about teaching in So. Ca. Maybe it’ll work out one of these days.

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