Working in the Garden

That’s right. ME working in the garden! MLG is taking a week off. Bringing home that batch of little plants from Annie’s last week forced me to get out in the garden and do some major restructuring of garden beds. I cleared out the last of the fairy impatien forests, and removed lots of weeds and even some ground cover. Dragged in more bags of potting soil and mulch, and filled in a couple of beds.

Here is the little bed by the front fence that was created as a side effect of the patchwork path. I am trying to be wise and space my plants out a little bit better. Oh, and I purposely left that pile of bricks and compost in the background to show you. After wrenching my back and my right arm, I finally wised up and paid Lowe’s to deliver the (hopefully) last of the bricks and sand we will need for a while. I was paying $4.50 for each 50 pound bag of sand, and discovered that I could get 1000 pounds for $32, which is less thanΒ $1.50 per 50 pounds.


And here’s the other little bed by the front fence. I planted the herbs that I already had in pots (apple mint, rosemary, thyme, and chocolate mint) and I added a pineapple sage. They all smell so yummy.


The patchwork path is doing very well–the ground covers have just about filled in their patches. (the oak leaves never stop. MLG says the trees are stressed by this drought.)


The oldest lace leaf Japanese Maple is doing really well this year. It is still in its pot, and I plan to leave it there as long as it is happy enough. Bessie loves drinking out of that little bird bath, and Noah likes to drink out of the pot hidden in the ivy below.


Hmmm. Don’t know why this picture is blurry. Anyway, this is a group pot that I made up a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t work out for where I originally planned to put it, so I moved it here, next to the shade garden.


Here’s the shade garden, minus all the fairy impatiens and most of the ground cover.


I wanted a tall plant for that pot in the middle of the shade bed, and I found this begonia. It is doing very well. I don’t always have the best luck with begonias. BTW, the reason there is a pot in the middle of this bed is because a huge pine tree was cut down and the stump is right there in the middle!


And that’s it for this week in the garden. Have a great weekend. I plan to spend some time in the studio, and the garden, and the gym!


15 thoughts on “Working in the Garden

  1. I still haven’t learned the patience of spacing out plants. I know I should, but still I tend to put them too close together and then end up moving them a couple years later.

    We have a stump like that where I just plopped a pot on top of it πŸ˜€ Better than digging out the damn thing.

    Have you thought about goat’s beard for the tall plant in your shady area? That might be a good option.

    BTW – the floxgloves you sent are blooming again! The little baby. It seems quite prolific. I will have a picture today.

  2. Goat’s beard–I had to look it up. My first thought was “Astilbe!” which I haven’t had a ton of luck with. They don’t seem to like our hottest days.

    In the back of my mind, I think a small water feature would be great for that stump. I think that’s a couple years away.

    My little foxgloves keep blooming too! As long as I give them plenty of water.

    I’m still learning that its okay to move plants around!

  3. Another lovely walk thru your garden. You inspire me!!! “Findingradiance” suggested Goats Beard for your shady area. That is one of my FAVORITE plants, I like the flower on it, but also love the leaves on the plant once the flower has faded. I have been using flowers in pots in area where the plants would have to fight with tree roots for water. I love the ground plantings within your patchwork pathway. Your use of a potted plant over the stump is a great idea. You have created such a lovely space. Keep posting photos of your garden beds AND of the doggies. Add a photo of your MLG…… mm

    • Thanks, Mickie! I like the pics of Goats Beard too. I have to check to see if they will grow out here, as I’ve never seen them offered.

      I need to take some new and exciting pictures of the dogs πŸ™‚ LOL, last week I did snap a candid shot of MLG, but I promised him I wouldn’t put it on the blog.

    • Hahahaha. Don’t tell anyone. I have to water probably 4 days a week, morning and evening. Sprinklers don’t seem to work very well with my well/pressure tank, so I water by hand morning and evening, and then to water some of the beds and the trees more deeply, I put the hose on low, and set my timer for 20 minutes, and move it around from place to place. Next year, I think, we will put in a drip system. I think that will save time and water.

  4. Very happy to read that you are letting someone else to the heavy lifting! Hey, you know you COULD do it, but why put yourself out of commission?

    Your garden looks so established. It feels like you can meander around and spy something new each time – different plants will poke out at different times.

    Does the pineapple sage really smell like pineapple?

    I’ve discovered how much of a difference watering makes to our pot plants. Water, who knew?? LOL

    • It actually surprises me when I see pictures of the garden, that it looks so established. Because, you know, when you’re walking around, all you tend to see is the failures and things that need to be done. That said, what amazes me most is how well the TREES have done, once planted in the ground. Yes, the pineapple sage does smell like pineapple! I want to make some chicken using it.

      Water, who knew, LOL. Sometimes I think I underwater, and then other times, it seems like I am flooding the plants. I have to admit, watering is still a bit of a mystery to me.

  5. Lovely Lovely Lovely

    I did some work in the garden last Saturday too for 3 hours. Most of that time I spent removing weeds from the terrace and today (Monday morning) I am still sore in my upper legs LOL

    • LOL. Yes, you lived where they probably had actual rules that you had to follow. I only have a well, so no regulations. However, I do try to be relatively conservative, because I don’t want my well to run dry!

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