Bits and Pieces in the Garden

This time of year, you have to look around to find bits and pieces of color. The grand swath of color that comes in spring is gone. So I took my camera out, looked for those bits and pieces, and played with the close-up lens.

First, here is MLG’s work from yesterday. We are continuing the patchwork path up on the other side of this front bed. I have to say, I LOVE walking on even ground! MLG likes to finish a job in one day. I had to cajole him to stop working halfway through. We will finish it next time.


I don’t have a lot of yard art, but here is one piece I really like.


This begonia is doing really well. I don’t always have such good luck with begonias, so I really appreciate it when they do well. I’ll have to remember that it likes this spot.


These marigolds are finally doing well. They were the first annuals I bought in the spring. But unfortunately, we had a big storm right after I planted them, and it took them all summer to recover!


Just some of the “free” petunias, along with the gone wild salvia. What a nice combo, one that I did not plan.


A little rose.


Gaillardia. LOL, I couldn’t remember the name, and I googled giardia. Umm, no, that’s a stomach virus our dogs used to get.


The Flowering maple (abutilon) is doing very well.


Standing on my head to get a close-up.


This little front bed filled in nicely. I had moved the lantana from somewhere else in the garden, where it was not doing so well. It seems to appreciate being here!


Lantana close-up:


Here’s the other little blue flower in that front bed. Its not as showy, but I love the color, and the bees really seem to appreciate it.


Here’s my new little “firecracker” flower. I had to hold it still, because it was on a long stem and wouldn’t stop waving.


The fringed daisy has put out a new set of blooms. Isn’t this a cool shot? I don’t know how the background came out so dark.


And the honeysuckle vine has bloomed consistently all summer, in spite of being “pruned” on one side by the deer.


Have a wonderful weekend! Here we are having a preview of fall weather, and I am loving it.


8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces in the Garden

  1. Ahhh, what a treat for the eyes! Love all the color and it’s nice that you took the time to search out the beauty in your garden! That daisy fringe picture is gorgeous. Don’t you love happy accidents, like having the background come out dark?

    LOL on the giardia vs gaillardia…

  2. Thank you for your posts!! It had been awhile and I was wondering how you were doing, even though you don’t know me!! I enjoy them immensely. Don’t you have a quilting blog also? If so, I would love to be included in that one also as I am an avid quilter.
    God Bless you and thank you again.

  3. Lol at Giardia! 😀

    I love that flowering maple – gorgeous!
    You have a lot better luck than I do with lantana. It’s really an annual around here — can you overwinter it?

    Are those french marigolds? Mine are and they still haven’t bloomed yet! My teddybear sunflowers look like they might have soe buds forming and they are only about 6 inches tall.

    That daisy – love!!!

    • The lantana is an annual around here too. I did have one come up from seed, but it seems kind of wild compared to the ones I buy in the spring. They are pretty cheap–like $3-4, so I always buy a couple of them.

      The marigold is called French Vanilla. I had better luck with them last year. I bought larger plants later in the season.

  4. That was fun! I love the flowering maple. I miss the lantana I had when I lived in CA. All those perky colors in a single flower. The firecracker is fun too. Thanks for sharing.

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