Saturday Fun Day

Shelley mentioned on her blog that she was going to run 9 miles on Saturday, and that that would allow her guilt-free lazing around the rest of the day. That appealed to me. Yes, the guilt free lazing, not the running 🙂 So I estimated that it would take me at least 2 hours 15 minutes to run/walk 9 miles, if I was even able to do that, and decided that I would spend that much time working out in the gym.

Of course, I didn’t get up at o’dark o’clock, like Shelley does when she runs. First, I had to try out a new recipe idea I’d been wanting to try for a while. I wanted to make some strawberry scones, using my basic Bare Bones Scones recipe. But strawberries get too juicy when you bake with them. So I had the idea to semi-dry them the night before. I just cut them into little pieces, and put them on a baking sheet in the oven with the oven light on for the night. That worked out splendidly! The strawberry pieces were a bit dryer, and the scones were delicious, IMO. Sometimes I eat them with plain yogurt and pretend it is clotted cream.


Okay, so then I was ready to go to the gym. But I made the mistake of checking the garden first. Two days without water, and there were some plants I could not ignore. While I moved the hose from place to place, I made good use of my time, and scrubbed the bathroom down, and then made some fresh salsa, motivated by Helen’s salsa blog! I love shrimp salsa, and decided that that would be my special dinner after my big day at the gym.

Finally, I got off to the gym. So fun to not limit my workout time. I spent 30 minutes on the bike, then went upstairs worked out on the weight machines. Back downstairs, and did some more aerobic work on something called a NuStep–kinda a cross between a rowing machine and an elliptical, only recumbent. Then, it was out to the pool, where I did 20 minutes of swimming, and then finished with 30 minutes of pool running. Its not as intense as running 9 miles, but it sure did feel like a good workout.

I did kind of laze for the rest of the day, but since I got such a late start to the gym, it was 3 pm by the time I got home. I treated myself to a new-to-me knitting pattern, and started a new shawl/scarf (copied this from Shelley too!)

Here’s my shrimp salsa. If I don’t have the little salad shrimp in the freezer, I just cut the big ones into bite sized chunks. So yummy. But, note to self, I simply cannot make good chips myself. They always come out either burned or chewy.


And just like Lori, who bikes for cupcakes, I decided to end my day with a sweet treat. I made a single iced sugar cookie. Most worthy.

It was a super fun day. I’m hoping I will make this more of a regular occurrence on Saturdays.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Fun Day

  1. You know how I like to at least try to do all things myself, just once, but I have never done tortilla chips. The store bought ones taste so good to me that I don’t know if doing them myself would be worth it LOL!

  2. Laudable exercise day! I keep thinking I’ll try your scone recipe but I never do. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll let them too much. “)

  3. Yummy food all the way around! I can never make chips as good as the premade ones either – it might have something to do with my resistance to frying them… plus I just feel there are plenty of really good chips with whole ingredients out there so why mess with perfection. Well, maybe other than you then have a whole bag of chips around. No problem at my house – I bought two bags of tortilla chips about 10 days ago because they were on sale and Mr. Helen has eaten them all. I didn’t even have 1 chip!

    • Yep, I agree with everybody on the really good chips available. The having a whole bag around is the issue. For me, its a huge issue. Very hard for me to throw away good food that I want to eat too much of.

  4. I know running 9 miles sounds like a challenge (and it was), but dang – I don’t think I would have lasted through your workout! What a fun day for you…glad I was able to inspire both activity and laziness (and of course food treats!).

  5. What a fun day indeed!

    I am always impressed if someone decides to run or go to the gym in the morning and things get in the way, they go in the afternoon. If I don’t do my run or workout in the morning, I just don’t do it that day. I know stupid but that’s the way it is with me.

    Here’s to more of these fun Saturday’s in the future.

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