Garden Report

It rained! It rained!! After months of no rain, we finally had a nice day and a half of rain. It was so nice to take a walk last night and not have a dust cloud following me and Noah like Pigpen in the Peanuts comics. I checked the weather this morning, and no rain predicted for the next fifteen days. Sigh…

Yahoo! I have a compost bin!! I never wanted to bother with the whole compost thing, but MLG takes my garbage away for me every two weeks, and because I eat so much fresh fruit and veggies, it was always VERY heavy, and usually soggy. Yuck. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a bin. I ordered one from Lowe’s and the very next week, my neighbor offered me a brand new one for free! So, I am very happily gathering all my fruit and veggie peels, and all my many coffee grounds, and taking them out to my bin. I’m looking at all those leaves falling in a whole new light too!

A few weeks ago we finished the brick patchwork path. Its kind of hard to get a good picture of it. But it is very nice to have, and in fact, Noah is really enjoying it. Seems its a nice perch to keep track of the neighborhood in both directions.


These are some of the last flower pictures I took. The salvia just stays in bloom all summer long. Its kind of messy, but I like the way it looks next to all the petunias.


A close-up. The bees really love it.


This is just a little rose, but such a nice shape to it.


And that’s about it for the garden report. Me and MLG are in “getting ready for winter” mode. We’re gonna work on the wood pile, and seal the bricks, and boring stuff like that. Today I’m having rain gutters put on my house. Quite optimistic of me, don’t you think?

9 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. YAY RAIN!!! So glad you got a good does of it. 🙂

    You truly are a Californian when you get excited over a compost bin. 😉

    Rain gutters sound like a good plan – el nino is coming, after all!

    P.S. Love the image of you and Noah walking with a Pigpen cloud – for some reason, that is just making me giggle today.

    • If you really want a giggle, think about Sophie walking with that dust cloud. She REALLY looks like the cartoon. That’s one of the reasons I just stop walking her in the summer.

  2. Love the blog today….The finished patchwork looks really nice. I love your happy little gardens.

    Re your compost bins….I started adding shredded newspaper to mine this year for the first time…should have said damp newspaper…anyway when it got mixed in with the rest of the stuff magic happened. There were worms galore which helped speed up the composting process…..I did hear that you can buy starter worms from garden centers or on line to populate your bin….I didn’t have to do this, but it sounds interesting.

    So happy that you finally got rain. It’s such a chore dragging the garden hose around to keep things watered. Every year I say I am getting soaker hoses to install in each bed, so that is my goal for next year. Here in Maryland we are in the midst of a Noreaster with rain pouring down and we are bracing for Hurricane Joaquin that is headed our way when this storm rolls on up the cost tomorrow. Wish we could send some to California.


    • Hi Mickie, I have one newspaper, I think I’ll retrieve it from the garbage and put it into the bin! But worm…I HATE worms. I know they will probably be in there, but I’m going to pretend that won’t happen. My BF actually had a little worm house in her garage. Yuck.

      Yes, soaker hoses. Those are definitely in the future plans for the garden. Maybe next spring, or if we have a long fall, maybe then… Hurricane Joaquin sounds like it should be a storm for the west coast!

  3. I started a compost bin. We have on of those really big plastic garbage cans that we don’t use because the waste company provides them. So, I drilled a bunch of holes in it and started to fill it with garden waste, only I ran out of room LOL!

    I love the path. Your garden looks so clean and tidy. I imagine those stones collect warmth from sun and probably would feel good to lay on when it is cooler out.

    • Yes, I think that’s why Noah is liking the stones.

      I haven’t put much garden waste in my bin yet. Maybe next week, I’ll get out in the garden and clean it up a bit.

  4. Happy for you you finally got some rain! The rose photo is beautiful. And I always love it when your doggies are in the photo.

    I finally started hiking again last weekend, if you are interested, post is up on my blog.

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