Since I’ve been home for a bit, I’ve gotten a little creative in the kitchen. I had broccoli and some pre-cooked bacon in the fridge, and it reminded me of that yummy broccoli salad. So I put together my own version of it, using yogurt instead of mayonnaise, and counting the calories. So yummy. I ate all four servings of it (one at a time 🙂 ) so you know it was good. It keeps really well for several days. Here’s a link to the recipe. 


I found a little more of that 85% dark chocolate in the pantry, and made some walnut-raisin clusters. I just weigh out each ingredient and add up the calories, and then make as many clusters as I need to end up with the right amount of calories per cluster. In this case, I ended up with 8 nice sized clusters for 100 calories each. I put it on popcorn so you could see what size they are. Since the chocolate is so intense, this is a very satisfying portion.


I also whipped up a batch of my “Winter Fruit Salad” for the sewing ladies that came over this week. That is a really really good recipe. And of course you can vary the amount and types of fruit you include.

Butternut squash! I got a big one at the store, and I made butternut squash “fries” (baked) and had plenty left over to make some of my mac and cheese with butternut squash. There was still some left over, so tonight I am going to combine that with some onion and potato and chicken breast and MARSALA SPICE!! Yum yum yum. Thanks again to Lori for gifting me with that wonderful spice blend.

Oh, and an example of a recipe that’s not quite what it seems… I bought a package of chia/flax seed blend, and they had a recipe for one of those one minute muffins on it. It was pretty calorie dense–about 350 calories–but I decided to try it this morning. It came out so pretty that I took a picture of it.


Then I tried it. VERY dry and not worthy. I put it in the compost pile, and had one of my cinnamon rolls. 200 calories and most worthy 🙂

9 thoughts on “Food

    • I have to admit–having a compost pile is so much fun! I don’t even care if it breaks down, its just a good way to get rid of organic garbage.

      The salad is good. If you like mayonnaise, you might like sub’ing a bit of mayo for some of the yogurt, just for the fat in it.

  1. I’ve learned that with most mayo based salads, you can sub in sour cream or yogurt with just a tiny bit of mayo and it tastes the same. In the GMTA category, I have started throwing away food that doesn’t meet my standards. I want every bite to count!!

  2. Food looks good!

    You know that chia seed is bird seed right? I saw a TV show here in Holland couple of months ago where they told that. They are selling it here for huge prices as “superfood” but it has been sold in pet stores for years as bird seed for less.

    Now I hate everything that has to do with “superfoods”. I don’t want to bake with oatmeal, spelt flower, brown sugar. No, if I bake I use real butter, white flower and white sugar. Rather have a little piece that tastes good than a “healthy” one. That’s why I love my new cook book so much: Guilty Pleasures. The title says it all 🙂

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