California Gardening

The first weekend in November I travelled to Santa Cruz for a quilting workshop. Santa Cruz is near the coast, and so the temperatures are always fairly mild there. There was a rose garden outside the building where the workshop was held. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the perfect blooms this late in the year.





Here at home, on the eastern edge of California, at about 2500 foot elevation, the roses have stopped blooming. But we are just now getting our fall color. Its not as spectacular as the East Coast, but I still look forward to it every year. Fall is one of my favorite seasons up here. I moved here in November 29 years ago.

I took some shots of my garden from outside my front door. I am still astounded at the changes that have been made in a couple of years work by MLG.  I have started to clean out some of the beds. Pruning will come a little later, I think. The hoses need to be reeled in for the season. You can see some of the Japanese Maples that we planted back along the fence line.


Here’s a closer look at those two trees. The smaller darker red one is slated to be planted in the ground next spring. It will be a larger tree, and the color is outstanding. I am looking forward to that move.


Still standing by the front door, here is the view in the other direction. One of our next big jobs is to build a planter box around that Japanese maple that is still in a pot. It is root bound, and will do so much better when it can spread out in the ground. Of course, planting this last JM in the ground means that I can never ever move from this house 🙂


Here is a closer view of the JM path. The begonia in the foreground is still hanging in there, in spite of several nights below freezing!



This is probably the last garden report for this year. I am definitely a fair weather gardener. Once it gets cold, I just don’t enjoy spending time in the garden. I am looking forward to next year, though, and anxious to see if some of my new purchases will take off in the spring!

9 thoughts on “California Gardening

  1. Oh such beautiful roses….and your gardens with their autumnal colors are still lovely. I always try not to get sad when all of the foliage disappears and tell myself it is time for the plants to “refocus energy”. Also, It is always thrilling to see any snow that may fall and land on the shrub branches. So if you get any snowfall, you will still have photo-ops. I forgot to mention that you can also check out the buds that are developing on shrub and tree branches–evidence that Spring won’t be far behind.

    It’s supposed to be down in the 20s at night here in Maryland this weekend. BRRRR!!! mickie

  2. It’s amazing to still see blooms! Sometimes I forget other parts of the country actually have different weather than us ;P

    I was looking at my mums and my kale and they have color. I was so happy to see that 😀 I keep thinking about spring and I can’t wait to see my tulip display after all that work I did last month planting, and it is so far away…

    Isn’t never moving again a good feeling?

  3. In reading this I’ve decided when you find your happy place, you invest in the garden. That would explain why my garden is non-existent as I’m very much hoping to move in retirement. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  4. Me neither! I cleaned up the garden a couple of weeks ago and now I’m not doing anything in it anymore till Spring. Then I hire a gardener for half a day to clean up the winter mess and make it ready for Spring and from that point on I do it myself again.

    The roses our beautiful.

  5. I think the colors are gorgeous! It’s high on my bucket list to visit California – it’s so interesting all the different climates for that state! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 😀

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