A Good Day and an Unexpected Walk

Yesterday was my birthday. I am 61 years old. How did that happen? I often do the math–how old was I when my grandma was 61? What did I think about how old she was at the time? I’m pretty sure she was still riding her bike to get around town–pretty awesome. Although at the time, I’m pretty sure the only thing I though about was that she was OLD. oh well…

me and Zoey celebrate 61!

me and Zoey celebrate 61!

Anyway, it has become a birthday tradition that I get an extra good workout at the gym on my birthday. And a newer tradition, to make myself get into the pool! So that’s what I did. It was awesome! Did my time on the bike and hit the weight room. And then I had the big pool all to myself, and even the spa afterwards.

Afterwards I hit up Starbuck’s for my free birthday drink. And then home, where I had one of my favorite salads for dinner, along with a special mini-loaf of ciabatta bread for a treat. And then I ended the evening with TOO MANY CUPCAKES. Darn free store coupons!

My knee has been feeling better lately, and between that and the awesome cool weather, I have been walking more than usual. This morning, I decided to take a different walk than my norm. Its up a hill that I used to climb but have deleted from my walks the last few years. When I got to the top, I noticed a new wide road that had been cut into the hillside, and I decided to explore that. I kept thinking that it would curve back around into my road, but it never did. It was a great walking path, but I finally had to turn around and go back. Which meant that I unexpectedly walked for about an hour and a half, which I have not done for a long long time. Mostly it felt great that I could still do that, and my knee seems to be no worse for the wear. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

Not a very exciting birthday report, I’m afraid. But I am feeling quite awesome these days, and enjoying my calm life and my good health. Wishing the same for all of you.

The Queen demands equal time.

The Queen demands equal time.

15 thoughts on “A Good Day and an Unexpected Walk

  1. Happy birthday! I’d like to age by exploring new possibilities, seeing where life is taking me. Good for you for taking an unusual route!

  2. Happy Birthday, Debby! I have a bit more than a year on you. I am glad you are in such a good place now.
    Hope your knee isn’t chastising you today for the walk yesterday.

  3. I hear you on the birthday treat freebies – how can you NOT take advantage of them? But yeah, good thing it’s only once a year (or when you come to Texas, HA!). Your day sounds perfect and I’m super impressed with that walk! Plus, love the happy doggies posing with you. Zoey looks like a cuddler – is she trying to usurp the Queen in that aspect?

    • Zoey is cuddly, but she is not demanding. She is just as happy perched somewhere by herself. The Queen usually has first-dibs on my lap, now that she is the senior citizen.

  4. I think your birthday celebration sounds perfect and just exactly what it should be: anything and everything you want to do and/or eat!! Hope your knee is ok.

  5. You look great and happy and healthy!! Your “boring” birthday sounds like absolute heaven to me!! I love spending my birthday by myself doing exactly what I want to be doing. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you, dear friend!! πŸ™‚

  6. I love the way you spent your birthday, you did things you wanted to do and enjoy and isn’t that what birthdays are all about.

    Happy to hear your knee is feeling better. I would love to see some photo’s from where you hike. I am always interested to see where other people hike/live.

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