What IS it?

Bess is definitely the most obsessed with anything new in the house. A little while ago she was in the kitchen barking at the grocery bags on the counter.


Sophie took one brief sniff, and then took advantage of Bess’s obsession to snag herself the best seat in the house (right next to the wood stove.)


Zoey doesn’t care. She just works at being as cute as she can be at all times.


Noah: “Whatevs. Its not a bone or a stick. Can I go back outside now?”


Bess is now wagging her tale. Something in the crate is snoring.


Bess has now retires to the bed, but she is still keeping an eagle eye on the contents of the crate.


Yes. I got ANOTHER dog. How could I resist?


She is really a pretty pug. One friend said there was no such thing as a “pretty” pug. harumph….


Shelley speaks dachshund much better than I. Here is her interpretation of Sophie’s reaction:  “…and den mom brot home anodder minion, and den ANODDER one – I have to work so hard to keep dem in line!”

Photo on 12-5-15 at 11.52 AM

The Queen demands equal time.

This is long enough for one post. I’ll try to be back tomorrow to give you the back story. For now, just know that I am refusing to admit that I have five dogs. I have one large dog, and one unit (maybe I should call them a pod) of small dogs. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



21 thoughts on “What IS it?

  1. Is her name Chloe? Because she looks like a Chloe to me. She’s so cute!!!
    How does Noah feel being the only male in a female-dominated household???? 🙂

    • Chloe! I like that name. I’m having trouble naming my dogs lately…plus, Chloe and Zoey–it won’t really matter who I call, they’ll both come, right? I don’t think Noah cares about all the females. Actually, I think he prefers it to dealing with a male…except for when they act hormonal and get all up in his face over an imagined indiscretion.

      • On the other hand, when you are yelling at one the other will think you are yelling at her too. Teehee.

  2. I’m laughing and shaking my head at the same time. Lori may be right, but I’m all for another animal finding a good home. Still … are you ever going to be able to leave home to travel? (She asks with selfish concern)

    • Well, that’s another story. But basically I have a good natured babysitter. I don’t think that she will object to one more dog. After all, in the past she has cared for my 50 rabbits, 25 chickens, and 14 cats (all departed now…)

      • Well that’s a relief to me, and wow, what a blessing to you!

        I have a huge list of potential dog and cat names I came up with when I volunteered at the Humane Society. They wouldn’t work for your family though, as none of them could also be a “people” name.

  3. Awww so cute!

    If I was home most of the time we would definitely have more dogs. But with us both working fulltime just one is enough. We take Bella to doggy day care twice a weak so she can play with other dogs but it would be so nice for her to have another dog in our family.

    • Well, I look forward to your retirement, and seeing what dog you will choose 🙂 Do you think you will stay with terriers? One of my very good doggie friends loves terriers, and that is pretty much all she adopts, whether purebred or terrier-like mutts.

      • I think so, Bella is our second dog and our first one was a West Highland White terrier. I would love to have a light brown version of Bella.

  4. How cute that Bess was the most interested…”one of ME” she realized. Love that Sophie, who is quite used to this happening, grabbed the good bed. Smart girl.

    If you added up all of the smaller dogs’ weight, you’d end up with a large dog. So really, you just have two large dogs…only one has an exceptional amount of feet. 😉

    • I’m not sure about Bess recognizing “One of me.” Because she acted the same way with Zoey, and with various new items in the house, and with grocery bags left in the wrong place…

      Yes, you have made it very clear about the dog pod. All the little girls’ weights adds up to only 42 pounds–less than half of one Noah!

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