Lots has been happening. Life goes on, even when I don’t blog about it. Here’s a picturama of the past month.

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Southern California. Being a Northern California girl through and through, I am not a fan of driving to southern California. But man, it sure is fun to be down there for a week, wearing flip flops and t-shirts! I went for a week with my rug hooking friend, Mary Lynn, to a “California Getaway” rug hooking retreat.


Mary Lynn and I go a day early, so we can visit Crystal Cove (where the beach cottage from the movie “Beaches” is located!) We sit in the cafe and eat beignets and watch the ocean. This year we saw a whale!!


We stayed in the Ayres Hotel, which I thoroughly recommend, and took a shuttle each day to Gene Shepherd’s studio, where we hooked and designed, and were surrounded by beautiful color and inspiration for four days. Gene’s wife, Marsha, is a wonderful cook, and we had delicious lunches served each day. We have already signed up to attend next year.

The “wall of wool.”


Gene teaching a dying technique:


Earlier in the month, between rain storms, a new project was underway. J. the contractor was coming back to run the electricity underground from the house to the dog room. MLG had the great idea to add a water line, so I would have a hose up at that end of the yard. MLG got nominated to dig the ditch, which is no easy chore, since the ground here is mostly made up of rocks and roots.


The dogs were most interested in the new project.


And the beginning of a new renovation project. This is the old “laundry dungeon.” Its just a small room, about 6’X15′, added on to the side of the house. I don’t know what the original purpose was–probably just a storage room, but at some point the people I rented from added a washer and dryer. The walls were never finished, so all those exposed beams meant there were lots of places for spiders to build their webs. And since I am afraid of spiders, I only knocked down those webs maybe once every two years. Thus, the laundry dungeon.

Anyway, I thought it would have to be demolished when J. the contractor did all that work on my house. The siding and the door were rotting, and there was a huge tree stump growing into the side of it! But he said it could be salvaged, so it will be a “wet studio,” where I can do my dying, and also have a tub for washing the little girls. It will even have a stove for when I need to dye wool. And lots and lots of shelves for storage.

This is a picture after it had been cleaned up a bit, and some work had already been done on it. We added a big 3’X4′ window that I saved from the house re-do, and I also saved the old kitchen cabinet and the leftover granite from the new kitchen!


This is just a meal I had sometime during the month. But very yummy, so thought I would share. a turkey burger with enough lettuce and tomatoes for each bite. And rutabaga “fries” (baked) with a bit of BBQ dipping sauce.


Cute dog laying down:


Cute dog sitting up:


Getting as close to my lap as possible:


Miss Bess has not been feeling well lately. She has a probable herniated disk, and is on steroids, muscle relaxers, and pain medication. Hopeful that this will do the trick.


Yesterday, in the yard. Noah keeping a close eye on the suspicious neighbors up the road:


And one camellia still blooming!


Queen Sophie was giving me the evil eye for not including her in this post, so I took a picture of her–she stole Bess’s perch this morning.


As always, on returning from a trip, I am so happy to get back to “food as normal.” Shopped on Sunday for mostly vegetables and fruit, and yesterday morning I had a marathon cooking session. Surprised even myself. I started out making my “Fabulous Quinoa Breakfast.” Then I started a batch of yogurt. Since I had the milk out, I decided to make some SF chocolate pudding. And then, I decided to go ahead and make the broccoli salad for lunch. And THEN, since I was still in the kitchen, I thought, what the heck, and a made up a batch of taco meat. Half went into the freezer for future taco salads, and the other half I added corn, tomatoes, and onions to, and made some taco soup.

I haven’t made it back to the gym yet, but I am doing my PT exercises and got out for a long walk with Noah and Chloe yesterday. If you want to see more of what I did at my rug hooking retreat, check my other blog!

15 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Poor Miss Bess. I hope she feels better soon! And yes, Noah looks very skeptical of all the neighbor’s shenanigans – he’s a good guard dog. 🙂 I can’t get over how cute Chloe is! Adorable!

    And now I need to make some broccoli salad because YUM.

    Glad you had a good time at your hooker camp (*snicker*). What a fun getaway!

    My landscaper husband would groan if he saw how much MLG had to hand dig. Hand digging is hard!! Especially in rocks and roots – not a fun job!

    Glad you’re back home now! 🙂

    • Mary Lynn and some of the other hookers sit in the lobby in the evening working on their rugs. Because of where the hotel is, there are always rodeo guys, motorcycle guys, or monster truck guys socializing in the lobby. They get a big kick out of talking to them and telling them they are hookers 🙂

      I know. I feel very badly for making MLG dig so much. He has this heavy metal pole with a sharp end that he uses to break up the rocks. I didn’t even show it, but the same day, he dug out the lids to the septic tank, which I thought were 3 inches under the surface of the ground. Wrong! One of them was 3 feet down!! Six solid hours of digging, and then he came back the next morning for a couple more hours to finish it.

  2. Wow – so much going on! Too bad you couldn’t get the dogs to dig the trenches for you LOL!

    I love how you were able to reuse stuff from your house remodel for your wet room!

    Seeing a whale is on my bucket list.

    Hope Bess feels better soon. Back issues are no fun.

  3. I play my version of Where’s Waldo with your outdoor pictures – the first one, I found two doggies! They were easier to spot in the other pictures – that was one heck of a trench your MLG had to dig! Your wet room will be so nice – I love that you have creative people in your life to help you get your homestead all fixed up perfectly for you. 🙂

    Love that wall of wool and it’s so nice to hear that you love your rug workshop so much that you’ve already signed up for next year! Always good when you find something that is so worthy, you know?

    Hope the meds work on Bess and she is back to her old self – although I had to laugh at that picture of her, (I know it’s her customary look) she looks all “ugghhhhh”. Also, The Queen is looking extra adorable and I just want to pet her so much!!!

    • I know, I am having trouble distinguishing Bess’s normal look from “I’m miserable” look.

      Yes, I took the picture of the Queen just for you 🙂

  4. Awww poor Bess, she looks a bit sad. Hope she feels better soon. I have to go to the vet this afternoon. Bella’s other leg is bothering her. R. thinks it’s the same as last year but on the other leg. I’m hopeful it’s just a strained muscle or something. But to be sure we let it check out.

    Cool that the dungeon can be used for other purposes. I’m sure your MLG will do the same great job on it as he did on your house.

    What a fun trip you had!

  5. “Life goes on, even when I don’t blog about it.”

    Love that. Love that you go on and live and have fun and eventually catch us up because it is also fun for us to live vicariously through your retirement adventures.

    I hope Miss Bess feels better soon – as a person with off and on back issues I feel for her!

    • My retirement adventures–I hadn’t actually thought about it like that, but I guess that is what’s happening! I never had enough time to think about fixing the house up when I was working.

      Yeah, I am empathizing with Bess on the back issues too. I know it takes a long time, but I do hope it will get better rather than worse.

  6. Hi there! I was going through “memory lane” with my abandoned blogs yesterday, and then this post popped into my reader – I so enjoy reading your blog, and I got the treat of catching up on the beautiful work you’re doing over on the quilting blog, too!

    I looked up Crystal Cove, and now I really want to stay at one of the cottages there someday!

    • Pubsgal!! Its always a treat to hear from you. Crystal Cove is a wonderful place. Mary Lynn and I had planned to stay there one night, but we waited too long to get a reservation.

  7. How exciting about that new room – and to have a stove in it for your projects, very cool! I love all the pictures of your dogs – do they all get along together? We only had one dog who died before Hannah and Jacob moved in with their two dogs – I am loving how the older Boston Terrier is taking to her new younger brother – they nearly always end the day laying with some part of their bodies touching together, and I’ll even glance and see one of them licking the others faces – so cute!

  8. Wow, you be busy woman! Looking forward to seeing you in full dyeing mode in your future wet studio. Was feeling my usual jealousy over your access to MLG and J. the contractor but I’ve decided to take the higher road. Now I’ll just be grateful that you have found two such wonderful people to help you implement your great ideas so I get to see all the fun work and results here. Nice to see you had another fun getaway too. Now I need to zoom over to the other blog and check it out.

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