A Ridiculously Early Spring

We usually have one warm week in February. I look forward to that, because traditionally that is when I can give the big dirty dog a bath. This year, pretty much the whole month has been warm. As a result, this is the earliest I can remember having blooms in the garden. And the dog has not been washed yet. Having some water pressure difficulties in the new “wet studio.”

The violets are always the first sign of spring.


The paperwhites have come and gone, and now these little cluster daffodils are blooming.


This is the Henry Lauder Walking Stick. Its putting on a good show this year. It always has something interesting going on with it.


The first camellia. At least the first one that the Queen has not eaten.


The forsythia. It might look a little sparse, but I am very proud of this bush. It was one of the first things I planted when I moved here (almost 30 years ago!) and it was in complete shade. So by the time we moved it a couple of years ago, it had about given up. It has made a good comeback, and I am excited to know that it will thrive in its new place.



The bridal veil bush is showing off before the flowering almond!


And hyacinths and larger daffodils are starting to make an appearance.


MLG was here yesterday and cleaned up all the debris from the big windstorm we had last week. With it looking so tidy, I am encouraged to go out and do some more weeding and clean up. Have a great weekend, everyone!

11 thoughts on “A Ridiculously Early Spring

  1. Hi Debby, I love warm!! Your flowers are beautiful—you certainly have a green thumb! I know you also spend a lot of time with your gardening!! MJ

  2. Hi Debby….your email came at just the right time. I can just now see the ground from all the snow we have had here in the Baltimore area. I did a walk-thru the gardens yesterday and saw a few “snow drops” in bloom. They got my heart to racing and ready for MORE.

    Your photos are so lovely….that camellia is gorgeous. So are the other blooms. What a treat for my eyes. mickie

    PS thought of you when I viewed “The Quilt Show” documentary on “Sacred Threads”. I was hoping to see one of your art quilts there. I also had another thought, I think you need to explore writing a book about your quilting and gardening endeavors…(maybe even throw in a few of your yummy recipes (smile). Just a thought as I am betting I am not the only follower of yours that so enjoys your posts.

    • Thanks so much, Mickie! Two of my quilts were in Sacred Threads, but I guess they didn’t make it into the video. I got to meet Lisa Ellis, who is in charge of that exhibition, and talk to her about the whole thing. that was really a good experience. If I write a book, I will need to stop quilting and gardening as much, and I might even have to be organized…. but thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂

  3. I love that Harry Lauder. I need to find a spot for one – and wait for them to be on sale LOL! Those suckers are expensive around here. I had shown John a picture of one and he thought it was really strange looking. Pphht – what does he know?

    • Oops, I called it the wrong thing. Maybe Henry is Harry’s long lost brother?? It seems like a pretty easy plant to take care of. I had it in a barrel for several years. Of course, it is much happier now that we have it in the ground.

      • Funny – I hadn’t noticed you called it Henry. I then had to look and make sure it was Harry because I have been writing nonsensical comments all day…

  4. I love your affection for your plants – you go way back with some of them, and treat all of them like friends. Of course, the Queen treats them like dinner, but who can argue with her? Not I! 😉

  5. That camelia! Oh you know that pink beauty is my favorite.

    Forsythia signals spring to me more than any other flowering bush. Maybe because I’ve lived in New England so long it really is one of the first flowering things.

    My daffodils are coming up and they’ve never started this early. Or rather, the area where they are planted is usually covered in snow still. I’m not sure what to expect – I guess I hope they make it to flower!

    • When we used to show dogs, we would go up to Oregon, and all the rest stops had blooming forsythia bushes–I loved them! And had never seen them before.

      Your daffodils will make it. They are very resilient. I noticed this year that they came up early, and then it would turn cold and they would just stop growing for a while. Then it warmed up again, and they would take off again!

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