Before the Storm

Last week, before the big storm hit, I ran out to document the garden’s progress. These are all small and cluster daffodils, and I have to go outside the fence to get a picture of them, because they all seem to want to face in that direction.


Close up:


And on the other side of the yard, the hyacinths are doing much better this year. And some more of those small daffodils. I want to get some larger, fancy daffodils this fall. Now I need to remember to order them!


Close up:


These apricot colored hyacinths are so big this year–last year they didn’t do much at all. But this year they are so big that  their stems can’t support them. I put little bamboo supports by each of them so they won’t topple over in the rain!


Are these grape hyacinths? I always think they aren’t going to bloom, because they put up a profusion of messy looking greenery very early and then nothing. And then all of a sudden, there they are, standing up to the storm! I would love this picture if it weren’t for the “background decorations” :/

Close up:


Okay, this wasn’t in the garden. Its actually in the front seat of my car. My mom LOVES succulents. I was pretty excited that they had a three pack of them at Costco for a very reasonable price. I got her this one and another funky one, and got myself another jade plant. I really liked that one I had last year. Unfortunately, I found out that they are not frost resistant. I will plant this one in a pot that I can bring in the house during the winter.



We are due for more storms this week, and I hear that there might be some low snow. I dare not complain, because I want to plant a lot of annuals this year. I love their showy colors, and I don’t think they are particularly drought resistant.

9 thoughts on “Before the Storm

  1. Those are grape hyacinths. And does the Harry Lauder have those tassle things on it? I love it!

    Hyacinths smell so good, but mine always grow stunted. It must be how I plant the bulbs or something.

    Did things survive the storm?

  2. Yes, this is the first year the Harry Lauder has performed so well! I’m looking forward to the next season.

    Yes, I have never had good luck with hyacinths. I had told myself NO MORE, and then this year has been the best yet (except for the weak stems.)

    There wasn’t as much wind with this storm as they predicted. Only one oak branch came down and broke off a fairly significant maple branch, but I don’t think it affected the shape of the tree much.

  3. Apricot hyacinth!! Those are sooo pretty. I think the grape ones smell exactly like grape jelly. I should know, I took a Welch’s PB&J every day for lunch in junior high. Every. Day.

  4. I love the apricot hyacinth – that is just a gorgeous color. And how nice of your daffodils to face the road so your neighbors can see them. 😉

    That succulent is perfection. And speaking of succulents, last spring we planted ours in clay pots and them put them in the ground, for easy removal when we needed to spray weed killer. We stored them in the garage (near a window, so they still got some sunlight) for the winter and huzzah – they didn’t die!!!

  5. Those apricot hyacinths are gorgeous!!!
    I told my husband I wanted a bird bath with lots of succulents. I like succulents because they tend to be hardy which is good because I tend to accidentally kill things. :/

  6. Goodness, your yard reminds me of the flower display on the alter at church on Easter Sunday. How pretty and fun!

    My neighbor has some flowers that will only face towards my house. Each year when they bloom, I thank her lol.

  7. Your garden looks lovely this early in the season.
    I love hyacints, they smell so nice but I haven’t seen apricot ones before, beautiful.

  8. Garden is coming along beautifully and, yes, those are grape hyacinths. Is that a golden chain tree in the background? We lost ours in a hurricane many years ago. It is also beautiful.

  9. Hope the storms are bringing lots of rain for your garden! Ours is getting a nice soaking – we have had more than 5.5 inches of rain this month so far, and more happening. It’s so nice to see *green* again! 🙂

    I love your bulb flowers! I need to make a bed of them again, I had a handful of daffodils but I used to have grape hyacinth and really liked them, too. Those apricot ones sure are pretty!

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