A Weekend of Garden Fun

I took a trip to the Bay Area this weekend to do some Mom-chores. But I managed to fit in several nursery visits, where I got my fill of some great bedding plants, and even got a few seeds to try! I didn’t take any pictures at the nurseries, but they are both worth a mention, in case you are ever in the area. First up was one I have mentioned before–Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore.


One of the features of Alden Lane Nursery is the huge oaks throughout the nursery.

And the next one was new to me, Half Moon Bay Nursery. Half Moon Bay has a lot of nurseries, but for some reason we have always missed this one. It is huge, with a great variety of plants, and I also appreciated all the signs telling about the plants. I also thought their prices were quite reasonable.


Half Moon Bay Nursery was so large that we only saw a small part of it. We are looking forward to our next visit!

When we are in Half Moon Bay, we always stop at this orchid nursery. It is immense, and is just overwhelming to see all the different varieties of orchids that are available. Most of them are quite reasonably priced.




I arrived home with all my little plants, and did a quick yard inspection with the dogs, and was happy to see some new plants in bloom!

The flowering almond looks better than it ever has:


Some pretty daffodils:


And the tulips have made it through another year. I was afraid we had put those brick pavers right on top of them!



Little Zoey needed a bath as soon as I got home.


Rain is predicted through tomorrow night, so I am planning to spend some time in the garden on Tuesday, weeding and planting my little treasures 🙂


8 thoughts on “A Weekend of Garden Fun

  1. What kind of tulips are those? I love them!

    My daffodils were bent over by snow this morning. Blah. Hopefully it’s all melted and gone by the time I get home today.

    Orchids were the in-thing this past weekend – you saw them in Cali, Lori saw them in NY, and Little Helen and hubby went to an orchid show in NJ!

    • Those are called “Angelique” tulips.

      Hopefully the snow did not bend the stems too much. Its amazing to me how much weather plants can withstand. I am hoping the rain storm will not wash away my flowering almond blooms. I want to enjoy them for a little longer.

      Isn’t that funny about the orchids. It must be orchid blooming season?

  2. Oh my gosh that orchid place! If I can get mine to rebloom again, I am going to get another one. Pixie doesn’t seem to want to eat it, so that’s good. I have new leaf growth on it, so we’ll see what happens.

    The flowering almond is beautiful – how tall will that get?

    And you didn’t say what you bought!!!

    • I forgot to comment on the blue orchid you had on your blog. I saw one of those years ago at an orchid show, and had to get one, it was so beautiful. But they only liked very temperate growing conditions, so I ended up giving it to my sister, who lived in the bay area.

      I don’t think the flowering almond gets very tall. It seems to stay less than 3 feet tall?

      I’ll have to write another whole post about all the little things I got. But I was very happy when I looked at the seed packets I had bought, and discovered that I bought a Palmer’s Penstemon!

  3. Love this blog today. The flowering almond is just stunning. The photo of the pink tulips with the little (Harry Lauder’s??) twigs running thru it is worthy of a frame. I don’t know what a Palmer’s Penstemon is, so must check it out. What is the little purple flower near the pansies in the photo with the grape hyacinths in it? The flowers in this photo really play up the color of your pavers. Can’t wait to hear about what others seed packets you came home with. Now you have me inspired to pot up my canna’s so they will be ready to transplant in a couple of weeks. You are such an inspiration. Keep the photos coming. mickie

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