Do you all know about Charlie’s blog? I used to read him years ago when his blog was called “back to the fridge.” Then I lost track of him. THEN I heard that he was Biz’s brother! And then I found his new blog. He is an excellent writer, and more importantly, he is really funny. Recently he wrote a very detailed post about using food journaling as a weight loss tool. Read his post–he says it much better. The upshot of it was that without journaling for 8 years, his net weight loss was 10 pounds. WITH journaling for 8 years, he lost 27 pounds. That thought totally intrigued me. I’m pretty sure most people would be thinking, “27 pounds in 8 years? That’s no good.” Well, at this point in my journey, I would be THRILLED to be 27 pounds down in 8 years instead of 27 pounds up. So I dusted off my Lose It app, and started journaling my food again. Lose It makes it so much fun.

Easter is a day that I enjoy staying home and going to my own church, and having a special meal (and maybe some Easter treats.) I wanted lamb, because of watching my cooking shows. I went to the local butcher, and they were sold out of leg of lamb, so I found these lamb kabobs. Perfect for a single person! Then on to the grocery store, where they had GIANT artichokes. Yes! What do I want with my lamb and artichoke? Bread. Some good bread. I headed over to the bakery and got some pugliose bread. And I would let myself have some real butter with my artichoke and bread.

Now usually I would not track a special day of food like this. But I thought, what the heck? So I entered all the food I planned for the day, including my Peeps and chocolate, and it turned out that I was only 67 calories over the allotted amount. What?? Anyway, I did stick to eating what I had written down, and it did make me a little happier to know that I was not going completely overboard.

A note about the treats: I used to love Palmer’s chocolate bunnies. I have noticed the past few years that they did not seem to taste as good as they used to. So this year, trying to break the spell, I seriously considered NOT getting a chocolate bunny. Then I saw the Lindt bunny. I’ll try that one, even though they were way more expensive than the Palmer’s. I tried a bite of it, and I HATED it. Put it down, and sub’d some popcorn and half a pack of M&M’s. VERY satisfying. Of course, no Easter is complete without YELLOW Peeps. And look what my BF sent me–I love it so much!




12 thoughts on “Counting

  1. Love that Peeps basket!!! 🙂

    I’ve been logging my food for a couple of months now – no numbers, just the food. It makes me aware enough of what I’m eating to know that I probably need more vegetables at dinner or that whoa, I should probably lay off the Easter candy for awhile. I’ve lost a couple of pounds doing it this way, so I’ll continue it for awhile. It all comes down to being aware and paying attention, no matter how you track.

    • Yep, that’s exactly right–being aware and paying attention. Sometimes we just rebel against that, don’t we (speaking only of myself, of course!)

  2. You have such a good point about logging all food, even on those days when it seems like you’re sure to be over (and you don’t care) – I remember logging a splurgy day and being shocked that I was only over by less than 100 calories; that completely reset my brain from “I’ve wrecked this day, the week is surely blown” to “it’s all fine, just move forward” – interesting, when you really look at the numbers, how they aren’t always as bad as you might think.

    Oh, and I looked at that Lindt bunny at Target last week!! It looked so pretty, and I almost bought one for our Easter treat, but then I saw a Hershey’s chocolate bunny dressed as a runner, so that one won. Sounds like it was serendipitous!

  3. I log my food and it seems now I am starting to find it really depressng that I should be losing weight with the calories I’m eating (pretty easily) and not a single ounce leaves. I still have to log, though because intuitive eating doesn’t work for me.

    It’s funny – John bought Twinkies last month and I used to like Twinkies a lot. I tasted one and it was so terrible that I never want another one again. I’m almost afraid to try a raspberry zinger because that was one of my favorite snack foods and I don’t know if I want to ruin that memory LOL!

    • That made me LOL–not wanting to ruin the memory. I wish I had left the Palmer’s bunnies as just a good memory.

      I hear you on the depressing that you don’t lose weight on a reasonable amount of calories. I guess that’s why 27 pounds in 8 years sounded good to me!

  4. Isn’t it fun to pick out exactly what you want to eat and then really enjoy it? I honestly think that is part of the trick to not overeating! Well, at least for me. I’m much less tempted to overeat/keep eating when I am truly satisfied with the items I’ve chosen. Sorry about your leg of lamb but I think you found a great substitute. Now to work on the chocolate bunny! I only like Russell Stover or Godiva bunnies myself so I get it.

    I totally agree with what Shelley said about tracking on splurge days (if you’re tracking). I truly think it helped me to stop thinking of food – or myself – as “bad.” I’m not tracking now, but I have examples (my sister, Mr. Helen) of people who are quite thin and fit who just eat, enjoy, then let it go. That’s what I’m doing because one splurge day or even one splurge meal does not define anything.

    P.S. For some reason my reader does not tell me that you’ve posted a blog until 24 hours after you actually post. It’s annoying and I need to figure out how to fix this!

    • I actually do think of you when I am picking out “just the right foods!” Yes, it is fun.

      That’s funny about your reader. Can you believe it, I’ve never used a reader. I don’t even know how to get one. I just have all my favorite blogs bookmarked.

  5. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks one chocolate is NOT the same as another! Sounds like you had a good weekend.

    • Oh that’s for sure. I should do a whole blog on which chocolates I find worthy, and which ones aren’t worth bothering with!

  6. Glad you reconnected with my brothers blog! I count all the points, the good, the bad and the ugly, and like you, the stuff I think is going to throw me completely off, isn’t actually too bad!

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