editor’s note: Queen Sophie has demanded equal time on the blog. She keeps close track, and has noticed a disturbing trend of featuring dogs other than herself on the blog. In my defense…well, once you hear Sophie’s thoughts, you will realize I have no defense. 


Life in the kingdom has become almost intolerable. Where once upon a time, I only had to deal with the giant oaf, now there is a never-ending parade of interlopers and infidels.


“Really. This is where the oaf spends 90% of his time.”

Now I have to deal with not one, but TWO irritating short-nosed snorting infidels. They have NO respect for the monarchy.


“Exactly WHY am I forced to observe the short-nosed infidel in the place of honor???”

*editor’s note: EVERY morning, this is the scene under the desk where I check my emails and read blogs. EVERY morning, there is a continuous barrage of ominous growling going on. Yes. ONLY Sophie is growling.


When we move out to the studio, there is a bed CLEARLY made for one. ONE member of the royalty. And yet, they ungraciously force their way into MY bed.


“The young infidel.”


“The grizzled interloper.”

THIS is how the bed was meant to be used.


editor’s note: have you all noticed that this is the ONLY picture where Sophie looks semi-relaxed?

And now. AND NOW. The unkempt fuzz bucket. why? Why? WHY??? She pretends to be all sweetness and light. But I know better. It is just a ruse to attempt an overthrow of the kingdom order. I have seen her in action, and I know better. (editor’s note: occasionally Zoey will get a bit testy with the other dogs when she is on my lap 🙂 )


Such are the woes of a ruling monarch. Do you remember the scene in the movie, The Last Emperor, where the Chinese empress ate an orchid in a fit of despair? Well, what do you think I am doing?




“Its unnerving to be constantly on guard against anarchy.”


editor’s note: in my defense, how can I resist such cuteness?

editor’s note: for those who worry that the Queen might be suffering some neglect in such a crowded household, this is where she sleeps EVERY NIGHT. The cutest thing she does is to sleep at my feet while I am reading, and then as soon as I turn the light off, she comes up to the top of the bed and dives under the covers, and spends the rest of the night cuddled up next to me. 




10 thoughts on “Infidels

  1. Finally!!! It’s been too long since the Queen has spoken. Her Highness is looking quite regal – is it wrong that I want to kiss her on the nose?? (I don’t wanna be right if it is…)

    I swear, Sophie and Paco are related. That under the desk growling scene? Happens every night when our cats come over for some love…Paco sits under my footstool just grrrrrrrring away, while the cats ignore him. If we ever got Sophie and Paco together they mightcould commiserate, but really, they’d just growl at each other, LOL.

    The shot of her with the young infidel makes me laugh so much – I have a very similar one of Jackie with Pumpkin (our cat, fmr) cuddling her. They just want to be left alone!!! //Dietrich//

    Btw, I guffawed when I scrolled down and saw the action shot of her eating your beautiful pink flower. Oh Sophie…chomp, chomp.

    But for all her haughtiness, that last picture shows that she’s just a little puppy dog…love this post.

    • Paco is an honorary dachshund! And, Sophie did not admit it, but she does like using the other dogs for their warmth factor. Glad you enjoyed, I had fun writing!

  2. Excellent post Queen Sophie!!

    I actually laughed out loud at that first picture – she just looks so…OVER IT. Poor Soph!

    This was a fun post – you’re a good writer. 🙂

  3. Debby, loved this post. I have wondered how everybody gets along in your animal kingdom. My elderly Basset passed away in Feb. so now I am wanting to get a new friend for my older terrier mix. I just trying to be careful I don’t want to upset the apple cart too much. Enjoyed hearing Sophie’s thoughts about her world, so cute.

  4. I love, love, love this post. It makes me smile from ear to ear.

    The scene under your desk is so funny. Wait everything in this post is funny.

    Will you thank the queen for me that she made time for this post 🙂

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