Garden Doings

I think I skipped a week, so I’ve got more pictures than usual in this post.

I got some plants for the birdcage. I used creeping jenny from my own yard, because it seems to be creeping everywhere. I put that in the stump slots. So far it seems to be taking off.


I knew I needed bright flowers in here for them to show up. I got a primrose, some small bright yellow perennial, and the green plant is sweet woodruff, which I love, but which Noah also loves. I decided this was the safest place to plant that!


The cherry tree in bloom:




The lilac bloomed well, but way up high! I have been carefully pruning it for two years, and it seems to be working.




The fringe bush is blooming. I like this plant, but it also irritates me. It seems to have a mind of its own. I foresee a serious pruning in the near future.


For some reason it occasionally sends out white blossoms as well as the pink.


I bought coral geraniums for the front pots this year, to match the door 🙂


And I couldn’t resist this Japanese maple at the local nursery. Its shape and color called to me!


THEN, this week I went to get another load of rocks. Hopefully, this is the last load. They have a very nice nursery at the rock place, and I saw the roses. They were beautiful plants, and about half the price that other nurseries charge. I couldn’t resist this pink one. It is exactly the same color as the paint that I had mixed for my bedroom and bathroom! Its called Lasting Peace, with the old Peace rose as one of its ancestors. Its a grandiflora, and has a beautiful smell as an added bonus. I took this picture in the car on the way home!


The next day, MLG was here, and he got it in the ground for me. I think this will be the perfect place for it.


On that same trip, I made a stop at Costco. This was my only impulse buy. I am hoping it will help me to keep my tools in one place. I drive myself nuts by leaving them where I am working, and then immediately forgetting where it was I left them. Also, it says you can sit on it. My back is not enjoying the weeding at all. Maybe this will help.


And now, the cherry tree is coming to an end of its blossom. Its even fun to see the petals on the ground.


There’s one lilac blossom low enough for me to grab and take a sniff of on my way in from the garden. Such lovely, heavy blossoms, all for the price of a little fertilizer and some water.


We had a nice rain last night, and now we are predicted to have sun and warm for the next week. I predict I will be spending quite a bit of time outside, working in the garden and splitting logs (MLG brought his log splitter over and was kind enough to leave it for me to continue working on the log pile.)

10 thoughts on “Garden Doings

  1. I have that same exact caddy and unfortunately, it doesn’t make me keep my tools in the same place LOL. It does help when I want to cart several tool and soil bags and such to a spot to work with and I use it most when planting bulbs because I just pull all the bulbs and tool along to where I want to go.

    That fringe plant looks a lot like honeysuckle and like it would smell amazing!

    I absolutely love floribundas and grandifloras. I don’t waste my time with hybrid teas because they are so, so fussy, but the other two kinds grow great for me.

    Where did you get the birdcage? That is cool!

    • LOL, I was afraid that that might be the case for me too–still losing my tools…

      The fringe plant has no smell. I did get a new honeysuckle that is taking off, and so I’m excited about that!

      I used to be a hybrid tea snob when I was much younger. Most of them have had the smell hybridized right out of them.

      The birdcage was a “fairy garden” that I got up in Tahoe. The nursery up there was closing for the season, and she said “make me an offer.” I got it for a ridiculously low price. But since then I didn’t have it in the right place, so it wasn’t doing well. I like the idea of having flowers in a cage that the deer can’t get to 🙂

  2. You and your Japanese maples, LOL. I totally see the appeal, I’m just jealous because we can’t have them out here. 😦

    Your yard looks so pretty, just blooming with color! I love all of the little details you do, like putting the greenery in the stump where the birdcage is sitting. The birdcage itself is looking so sweet! And the geraniums the color of your front door? What a neat idea!

    • Japanese maples are the one plant I have had consistent good luck with. Plus I do enjoy them–its amazing how many varieties they come in!

  3. Well, you know I love a pink flower – can’t wait to see that rose once it’s established.

    I can’t believe your lilac is in full bloom like that. My neighbor has a lilac that I get to enjoy because it sits right on the retaining wall against my driveway. Just this morning as I opened the door to get the paper, I noticed it has tiny green leaves starting to sprout. I should send you a picture – what a contrast from east coast to west!

  4. I have one of the Fringe Shrubs as well, mine also gets a yellow bloom stalk from time to time. It grew up to be a huge shrub, and have my gardener cut it down annually because it would get totally out of control if allowed to continue on its own path. Doesn’t seem that it hurts it one bit, still blooms like crazy.

    • Oh, thanks for the encouraging word about pruning! Yes, I’ve seen some big ones around here, and that’s not what I had in mind for where it is. I will prune with confidence 🙂

  5. Loved “walking” through your garden today. You really have transformed your space. The new rose is quite lovely so will be watching for your next photos of it. Where do you get all of your energy….you have SO MUCH going on with cooking, gardening, quilting, rug hooking and taking classes and now log splitting!!! I am sure that this list doesn’t include everything….ha ha. It is such a treat to hear about What you are doing. MORE PLEASE mickie

    I keep my garden tools in a “redecorated” Tidy Cats cat litter bucket…it’s the perfect size to lug around, its waterproof and it has an attached lid…..did I mention it was FREE

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