Before the Storm

It does seem I only write about the garden these days, doesn’t it? I still have plenty of thoughts about food and health and weight maintenance, but it takes more work to write about those things. Here, go read Charlie’s musings about attempting to get his eating under control. He says it so well 🙂

In the meantime, here’s the latest from the garden. This morning a big storm is blowing in, so I went outside to see if I needed to stake anything up. Here’s a few shots of what I saw:

The foxgloves and friends in front of a pink maple:


A more composed photo:


I got this oriental poppy at Annie’s Annuals last year, and waited impatiently all year for it to bloom. It had one giant bud for a long time, and then one day, this bloom appeared. It is ridiculously large. But it seems it might be the only bloom I get from this plant? We shall see.


The Japanese maples are doing so well. They love this weather we are having this year. A bit warmer (but not too warm,) and a lot more rain!


I love these cheery pink blossoms on some of the ground cover I planted last year.


This is some kind of hardy orchid. I moved it last year, and it is doing very well in its new location.


I am learning the value of moving plants in a garden. I’ve had this wild geranium for a LONG time. I love the blue of its blooms. But it always got too much sun, and didn’t really bloom much. So last week, I wanted to use its spot for the new rose I got. I had MLG move it to the back of the garden, where it is mostly shade. It was immediately happier!


The geraniums and impatiens are still waiting to be planted. They look kind of pretty here! Pondering that…


This is the last stone work we are going to do for a while. I got ONE MORE LOAD of stones on my way home from the doctor this week, and MLG is scheduled to work on placing these stones to make a path here. That is a heavenly bamboo in the foreground, and the two hydrangeas behind it. They are looking VERY good this year. I can hardly wait for them to bloom. That reminds me–I have a hard time making a decision on when/where/if to prune plants. I have started googling “when to prune _____”, and then I just go out and do it! It seems to be working very well. The plants are looking a bit healthier, and are giving me more blooms as a result.


The front bed is ready for a few plants. Yesterday I pruned the cherry tree a bit, and the honeysuckle too, so that the bed will get more sun. That is Chloe. She never stops moving outside. She must patrol the yard. Noah doesn’t seem to notice everything that she thinks needs to be observed closely.


Fortunately, inside she has no problem settling down. She (along with all the other dogs) are happiest when they are touching me 🙂



Happy weekend, everyone! I wish for you sunny skies and cool breezes.

10 thoughts on “Before the Storm

  1. You know I have no qualms about moving plants around LOL. Mostly because I end up putting them too close together when they are small and have to move them later, but sometimes just to find a better spot for their liking. I have some irises that were already in the garden bed, but never bloomed last year — I am sure because they were shaded by the fence. I moved those last fall to a sunnier spot and I’m eager to see if they will bloom and what color they are. Of course, now the fence is gone, so they get a lot more sun…

    Did everything survive the stormy weather? I’m glad to hear CA is getting more rain. We need more here as well. We had a really dry winter and our fire danger is high right now.

    Your ground cover – is that chive? It looks like chive.

    It’s funny that you have an Adirondack chair in CA and I live in the Adirondacks and don’t have one yet.

    • It seems the worst of the storm is over, and everything is still standing. It was wild for a while–thunder and lightening and hail! Wow, that’s pretty bad that your fire danger is high this early in the year.

      I don’t think its chive. I think its “Ameria Maritima” or Sea Thrift. I like my Adirondack chair. I don’t sit in it much.

  2. That poppy is so beautiful and vibrant – I guess even if you only get one bloom per season from that plant, it’s such a showstopper that you don’t mind? I wouldn’t, anyway. I know I keep saying this, but dang, your yard is just so pretty. I love how you’ve got so many interesting areas to look at!

    I have been moving some of our plants (OK, I have been directing the moving of some of our plants, LOL) and it’s so interesting how much better they flourish when in a different spot!

  3. Greetings from Australia. I love the posts about your garden and renovations. It has been great to watch the progress.

  4. You think I’d be used to this by now, but it’s so stunning to see your yard in such a bounty of blooms and leafy trees while all I have is daffodils and some almost open tulips. It is really looking so lovely, Debby!

  5. Lovely garden! I just noticed that I have a Japanese maple in my garden too. Until I saw it here, I had no idea what it was called 🙂

    Ahh Chloe is so cute! Bella is very independent but does want to lay on the couch next to me every day but sometimes she does the same as Chloe did.

  6. Your whole garden has just turned out so pretty Debby. You must really be enjoying it. I’m sure that’s why Chloe never stops – so much to see!

  7. I love when I pop over here and see you link to my brothers blog! 😀 I wish I had a green thumb – but plants die under my fingers 😛

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